Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today was a good day

I had two slips with pica but that is alot better than what it was. i am working so hard to stay away. course I didn't do any scrappin today. I also picked up some suppliments to get me started. I know I need vit D as I don't drink milk. and potatsium good for the heart. I do feel better today, sleepy but better. I even was in the store and got the urge to make a meal so I bought some stuff to cook. I haven't decided on pork roast, beef roast or something else. hmmm. it will be something in the slow cooker. I love that thing. My MiL got me a new one. I love the three different size pots. though I stained the heck out of the biggest one with my refried beans. so i have to find the book for it and see if I can order another one. use the stained one for just beans. course I dont really entertain so I guess it don't matter.

Good blood work came back and while I am severely anemic, everything else looked good. she said my percentage was 9 % and she likes to see things above she wants me to take 600 mg of iron a day WOW. I have to go get some supplements today...follow up in 3 weeks. I hope this helps me. I know I will always have pica, and as long as it is here or there I am fine but this last few weeks have been CRAZY!!!!

now to get my dh in cuz I have a feeling he is anemic too.