Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little girls

When i had my first child, I didn't care the sex. We had a boy. When i was pregnant with my second child since i had a boy, i wanted a girl to just make me complete with one of each. We had another boy. So when we (I) decided i wanted another child, I knew it was my last chance to have a little girl. I tried a bunch of different ways they say on the internet to sway your odds. Finally i just got frustrated and just was trying. and then finally i just said "screw it" and thought i will never get pregnant and gave up. BAM that is when i got pregnant. the most worst time too as we were building our house and moving. Morning sickness and moving don't go good together. So when i went in for the u/s and they said girl. i was over the moon. finally in the sea of blue i will have a pink bundle of joy. i got a pink carseat, pink bouncer, pink pink pink. Her room is a honey dew green though we didn't know the sex when we were painting it but it goes so well with pink. I thought of some cute girly names. Ahhh a Girl. well my husband veto'd my girly names and pouted until i gave in and said "fine you name her" what does he name her...Samantha. yes, while it is a girl name. What do i call her for short....SAM Ok, so i think girly stuff. pink cups and now that she is 3 and has started getting a mind of her own. what does she want to play with, swords, cars and what ever her brothers play with. What is her favorite color? GREEN Not pink, not purple. but Green. and when we went out shopping for cloths i asked her opinion on various things and what is the one shirt she decides she wants. Not the cute one with the butterflies. but a blue shirt from the boy department that has lightening McQueen. while i am glad she isn't a girly girl and will hold her own with the boys. She does let me dress her in girl cloths and isn't all that tomboyish. You need to learn that sometimes what you have pictured in your head, isn't what you will get in the end. Though i don't know what i would do with out my Sam.