Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbooking and babies

I haven't done it in awhile. Last time was November. I have all this stuff around me but I just don't have the creative juices flowing like I use too. It use to be November crop i could do 22 pages for the weekend and now I am lucky if i get 5 done. I have to get scrapbooking before my kids get too old and the pictures i take I forget the story behind them.

and on to the baby portion. It has happened. Samantha told me yesterday that she wants another girl in the house. Poor thing. Momma can't have no more babies and all she wants is a sister. I don't think dh would even think about going the adoption route for her and I don't think my sanity could take another child. I hope she finds some really good girlfriends in school. or maybe that we can someday move closer to 'home' and she can bond with her cousins.

though in a few years she will be older and we can do scrapbooking together.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Been a long time dear blog oh mine

I am in a creative slump. I did scrapbook back in November. Went to my crop and had a grand time. The man didn't call once while i was gone which was nice. Kids did good with grandparents. I think i got 10 pages done. but my creative juices weren't flowing. Now here i sit and my scrapbook room is a mess from me unpacking my totes but then not putting my stuff away. so i need to get this room in order. I have ATG adhesive on the floor from my darling little niece. It happened when the Men were on duty and us women were at the mall of america.

Winter is here and I am loosing touch with friends. Winter is a Social killer. I use to go to school park, walk over get Sam and chat with the mom's when i got back to wait for Camden. Now i go get Sam first cuz it is cold and then Hunter then Camden. So no chatting with the ladies. My text messages seems to have hit a slow spot too. Due to friends and family being busy and having other things going on it thier lives. but you can't help to question. "is it something I said" "something I did" and then when you do get that text you think "ah ha, they are alive and they do remember me" Winter is just a lonely time out in the Boonies. too cold to do anything but stay indoors. then Spring comes, the plants come out and then all the neighbors and friends come out and breath in the fresh air and you find out what happened while we were all in hibernation.

What am I doing this winter? I am reading Harry Potter for the first time. I am on Book 3 and my sister is also reading Potter but i think this is her second time. I am finding alot that i forgot when i watch the movies. Sometimes i think "did i even see the movies" but I know i did but i must not have been paying attention. What I am doing is reading the book then watching the movie. Except this current book i don't own the movie for so i am going to have to rent it

On the kid front. Hunter is now taking a low dose of concerta to help him in school ( I hope) cuz he is aweful at focusing and remembering certain things. I often would wonder if he slept through his schooling. I seem to see some improvement but we will see. Camden is Camden and still don't put the games away when he is done. schooling wise he is average. i still don't care for how they are doing the math this year. but what can ya do.

Today i washed my hair with some Bed Head Antidote and i have to say. i do like it. I think i may want to try level 3 as this was level 1.