Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well working in my room today

i know i haven't updated about scrappin in a bit. because i haven't been. i just wasn't feeling it in my room. If you recall i rearranged it back last year. MY ROOM Well i have since moved from there to the dining room. that means moving the playroom downstairs. The Den will now be the Man Cave. and then my scrapbook room i have full view of the back yard so i can see the kids if they are out there. As soon as i get it in order i will take some pictures. right now it is kinda a mess. i love the hardwood floor cuz i can wheel from place to place on my chair but also i hate the hardwood floor cuz of all the little dust bunnies. and with 4 animals in the house. it is alot. Also every time i get up Dancer freaks and gets up quickly and slides a bit and I am afriad she might hurt herself.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Been awhile since i updated. Sorry

I started this blog mainly for my scrapbooking but then it turned into me talking about my dog dying and her last days. I haven't been scrapbooking much but my furbabies and kids are growing. I am hoping to start scrapping again more. becuz i am going to have a LOT to scrap about. First my youngest is starting school this year. I can't believe she is old enuf for school. It is only JrK and half days but that means that in one year she will be in Kindergarten Full days. OMG what am I going to do with my days. probably find a part time job with mommy hours. that would be ideal with dh cuz you know he wants me to have a REAL job. as if being a full time Mommy isn't. but one that brings in money that isn't his. Other news is a new addition to the family. I been wanting a puppy for a long time. Maybe it is cuz my Fertility has ended and my baby is going off to school and her independance is hard. expecially knowing that i won't have anymore children but yet I have IRL and Online friends all having babies. But i been looking at puppies since the day i saw that Cocker Spaniel puppy at ACE. so it is thing to make an excuse to go into Ace and look at the puppies romping around. but dh kept saying NO. But i know why I wasn't going to get puppy cuz they weren't the right ones. Flashforward to Friday June 18th when my bff txt'd me a question "a little girl who need a loving mom" not sure what she meant. maybe that her DD is on her nerves and she wanted me to take her. but that isn't what she meant. this is what she meant
This is Marble. She was why i didn't get those other Cockers I saw. cuz I was waiting for her. She is a Merle color with gorgous green eyes. She loves Samantha and playing with Bailey. Sorry the picture isn't the best it was in my car and with my phone which has a horrid lag for taking a picture of a quick moving puppy but as soon as i find my battery charger for my camera i will get better pictures.
BUT technically we are only suppose to have 2 dogs and now we have 3. but also according to the Bylaws we aren't suppose to have RV's, Boats, Trailers in the driveway or along side the house, we are suppose to mow up to the curb. And no one listens to that either. So dh says not to worry. plus Dancer probably only has one or two good years on her. And really Dancer isn't even outside much to be an issue. So ya know. No one would have known we had 3 dogs but it just so happens some Busy body old man came by to tell me one of my neighbors who is a pussy and can't come to me or Dh to talk about it. complained that MY dog is barking too much. Yes she has an annoying bark when she gets started on something like people coming to the house, walking by (getting better) and stray dogs that seemingly roam willy nilly around the neighborhood. but at that time is when the kids came around with Marble. he asked if i was babysitting. i said No. I told him she is going to replace Dancer when she goes cuz she is getting old. The old fart actually wanted to know when i was going to put her down. What the hell is it your buisness. So right now everytime i go to the mail box i wonder if there is going to be a letter saying we are going against the bylaws. my puppy isn't bringing down house values. Deal with the RVs first. Deal with the yards First. honestly i have 2 acres of land. why can't i have my dogs enjoy it. but that isn't the end cuz now i have to be cruel and stick a bark collar on bailey and stop her from doing what dogs do but only when she is outside. Everyone in this neighborhood pretty much owns a dog but yet mine is singled out and torchered. So you know you can go suck on a rock about my puppy since you are doing this to my Bailey. she is now a shell of the dog she was when outside. I am glad we have Marble to play with her and romp around and make her a little happier. cuz seeing her silenced outside hurts. cuz i sit out and pray she don't bark cuz she will get hurt when she does. So far she barely has. maybe it is cuz Marble keeps her too wore out to bother.
So yep i have to get back to scrappin to do my dd first day of school, scrap the new puppy, Scrap Dancer layouts cuz you never know when she will be gone. Exspecially when Lady got sick so quickly. and if my bff ever gets her baby (real not fur) i will have to do a baby book for her.
So that is sort up with me. Oh i am also looking into a sleep test for Apnea. Dh has it and wants me to get tested. it would be helpful to know how i sleep if anything. right now i sleep crappy but it is my own fault cuz i don't go to bed early and i wake up early