Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Girl not a baby anymore

My last child, my little girl. This year is going to be emotional. In the last weekend, my baby decided to finally grow up and go potty on the toilet. She hasn't been in a diaper since Friday. She has been using her potty and staying dry. We haven't hit the pooping part yet. While this is something i have wanted for a long time. It does make me sad cuz she is my last child and she is growing up so fast. Also she is starting school in the Fall. I have Jr. Kindergarten registration this month. Also waiting to see if she is accepted in open enrollment. That way she can go to school with her brothers and it would make life easier. If she don't get open enrolled I will have to look into doing 4K through our actual district and hopefully get her into the Centre. And then try to do open enrollment again the next year. if she don't get accept then i don't know what i will do. I would probably have to move the boys to New Richmond. they won't like it though. So cross your fingers she gets in. Her brothers have been both accepted so that is working toward her but it isn't a guarantee. So what am i going to do with my time you ask. Well i am hoping to get her into the pm JrK at Somerset. that way we can go to the Centre in the AM and she can play with the kids while i work out and then afterward do lunch then go to JrK. i will use that time to run quick errands and maybe scrapbook on days i don't have anything errands. It is going to be shocking those first few trips to get the kids being alone. and then the next year she will be in all day Kindergarten. Where did the time go? When she start Kindergarten then i will look into a part time job with mommy hours.