Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My child...UGG

well i guess I am going to have to make an appointment to have Camden see his Shrink again. i kinda let it slide as we were having success with the sleeping but... My dh wants me to get him in again becuz he does things and i don't know why. like playing in the dirty kitty litter with poop in the toilet. i have told him DON"T do this. over and over and yet there will be a lull and then he will do it. I remember back one christmas he hit his head really hard on a table and dh thinks something might have happen and he wants me to get his brain checked too. So now I have to make an appointment for him and that means me driving around taking them to these. If there was a shrink at the Somerset clinic it wouldn't be so bad but there isn't. so that is going to be about 2 hours out of my day dragging him in. 30 min there, 1 hr waiting and what have you, and 30 min back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More swaps

Due to some members leaving our little happy group. A few of us have signed up for swaps that were now left (and unexpectedly) open. instead of having empty spot, Everyone signed up for the spots. (love that group) Anyway, I took three spots. Kindergarten and Elementary Handmade surprise and Middle school deco squares.

Here is Kindergarten handmade surprise. this used the cricut cartridges Tags, Bags, Boxes and more and Locker Talk. the Scissor blades are paper sprayed with spray adhesive then covered with aluminum foil, the glue is white glue pen with Diamond Glaze over the top to mimic the feel of glue. It isn't in this picture but i did finish the holes on top with eyelets

This next item is for the Elementary Handmade surprise. again used the Locker talk but here i cut the tag part myself. the one on the right is the original store bought that i copied for the one on the left. Again i used the same aluminum foil technique on the pencil silver part. This stitching is just white gel pen

This last item is for the Middle School Deco Squares. the pink cardstock is just what i temporarily mounted them too. i was stumped on this one as my child isn't in middle school and i wasn't sure what to do. so again i went to the Locker Talk cartridge and cut out the items. the Ipod i used embrodary floss and circles punched out to add headphones (not included with on the cartridge.)

Thank you for looking. if you are in this swap i hope you enjoy the items.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pizza Hut Lasagna Thumbs down

Ya know the commercial "where's the Beef" my question for Pizza Hut is where's the cheese. I barely see any cheese, and it definatly don't look like the picture. 3 lbs of nothing. My kids didn't even touch it. they loved the breadsticks though. their Mac and cheese is good though. i don't like any mac and cheese beside the Kraft Deluxe and the occassional blue box Kraft. So for me to say the Pizza hut one is good is saying something. I think I will stick with my Prego homemade (sort of) Lasagna that the kids like.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why fear the MiniVan?

I don't understand why there is such a fear of driving a mini van? Families who get larger have few choices when it comes to transportation. but when you ask some ladies they say "oh no we are going to have to get a van?" "oh i am pregnant but I don't want to think about having to get a van?" is there something wrong with a van. When we got pg with Camden we were driving cars. Yes, we were going from 3 to 4 in family size and it would have been ok to have a car and seat us just fine but we went with a van. Why? cuz we had 2 dogs also. When we went to pick out the van i was skeptical. i didn't drive it. it was so big. i was scared. the guy said "here borrow it for the night, let me know what you think?" so that weekend we had to take my husbands car back as the lease was up which meant....I HAD TO DRIVE THE VAN..... I was frightened. it wasn't a small trip. it was 45 min to Madison from Beloit. on the freeway. not something i wanted to do. but i had no choice. So off we went and you know what. it was a smooth nice ride. i had no problems. i loved seeing above everyone. it wasn't too bad. So that weekend we became owners of a mini van and i LOVED IT. i love the power doors, i loved the power lift gate. i loved it. now mind you this was back in 2001 when entertainment packages weren't the norm. and no fold and go seats or seats that turn backward and options for tables. We have since traded the Van in for an SUV. i miss my van. i wish i could have got another but the 2008 chrysler town and countrys were UGLY. i hated that boxy look to them. i miss my electronic doors and while the SUV still seats 7, it seems more tight inside. not as open and airy like the van was. it also seems like it has less cargo space inside. i don't know why but they are the same size on the outside just the inside is smaller. But we are stuck for awhile. unless in a couple years we trade in the wagon for a van. i am just going to have to deal with it.

for all you ladies who are freaking about the future and driving a van. They aren't something to fear. when you have a large family they are neccessary.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's done

It is done... the pictures don't really do it justice but it is much more open than it was before. i even have some wall space to put up a couple wooden shelves. It also needs some tweeking with putting things away and getting rid of things. below is a few from the door.

this picture is of the computer wall. those boxes above the computer still need to be sifted through and what ever don't belong either tossed or moved down in the basement. also around the printer needs to be cleaned out. i kinda just put stuf there temporarily.

this picture shows my chair and you can see the wooden shelf crooked. it will be straight I hope to put jars of flowers on it. i have been saving odd glass jars from spagetti sauces and pickles. there is also a few things I need to straighten. i would like to pack up anything not needed in the big drawers of the plastic drawer thing. and I want to cover the front with deco paper

this is the new spot for the tv. i love how i can scrap and look up and see the tv. before it was on the side of me. i would like to put another wooden shelf up above the tv to hold dvd's i watch most often and VHS tapes. first is to reclaim a VCR from somewhere in the house.
this is the view from me sitting at my desk now. i do have to figure out where to put my sunlight lamp and i need a clamp to clamp it to the table. I also have a shoe box that i plan on covering with paper and using for a scrap paper holder. Anyway, that is it. just a little more cleaning up and tweaking things and I am good to go. now don't ask about the rest of the house.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well the room is almost done

the first hard part is done. that is moving the furniture around. i got everything moved some things are in a temporary spot but over all I am LOVING the new layout. this is going to be a quick post as my battery is dying on the laptop.

second big task. putting everything in it's place. i was going to do some tonite but I am starting not to feel well. could it be from dropping the air compressor on my head. it didn't hit hard but i think my brain is making up pains from it. also i have a headache. had one all day. so the compressor hitting my head didn't help. actually it hit the back of my neck area. Anyway, i think i just need to lay down and relax. i got my paper put away and now it is just going through some things and putting them in their place. then I will take a picture of it. thinking maybe i will just move everything in there and go through it box by box. i did find that I won't be able to put my two meanards totes together but oh well. i will put the most used one next to me. well i better go before i loose power. nite

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has begun...

i started on the room. first step was the table. I went through the boxes underneath the table. have two boxes to go down. one more started to go down. the whole table is cleared off with everything moved to the front room. I came to realize that the shoe shelf (long one) won't fit along the short end of the table like i envisioned. so i think I am going to have to use two of the smaller 12 inche shelves that i have. Funny thing is when i pulled the long shelf down and put it in the living room my son decided to play with it. he put it down and proclaimed this is my rummage sale. HA HA. think we go garage saling a bit too much hey. tomorrow i need to clean my house and then i will do a little bit more in here. i may miss the first few day of the VC but i can catch up. i think once i get everything out. it won't be too bad getting everything back in.

i will post pictures later. i have to wait till after the 6th when my txt messaging resets. i think i am at my limit right now. if anyone knows how to set up my photobucket so that it don't send me a txt everytime i send a picture to tell me my picture went through that would be GREAT. it wastes txt messages for useless things like that

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Before the redo

it was requested that I post pictures of the before shots of my room. now please excuse the cluttered mess. like i mentioned before, my room has become a catch all of sorts. when in doubt throw it in there. there is alot that will be taken out. like the boxes under my table. the boxes on top of the microwave shelving unit. the boxes above the computer desk. the computer desk will stay where it is but I may or may not redo the place where the printer sits.
This is the computer wall. I am really not on it much as it is slow cuz i need to delete a bunch of crap off it. maybe i will get dh to fix it up once he is done at circuit city.

This is the plastic etegere (for those who aren't familar with the word it means An étagère is a piece of light furniture very similar to the English what-not) Basically it is a 5 shelf plastic shelf that I can put together.
this is the microwave cabinet. and the corner of my table and the menards totes. the bin on the floor is full of legos, put in this room to hide it from the kids. they can't seem to keep them picked up. Yes it is FULL of legos. so imagine that spread on your floor

Here is my table. if you look below on the floor plan you will see where i have the bookcase. well on that bookcase i plan to put those metal cubes you see holding my paper and stamp boxes. and various other things from this area on my table. The long shelf with the tackle boxes will stay on my table but will be against the wall on the end of the table (you can see next to the book case) almost everything under my desk will go in storage in the basement or hall closet)
This wall you see the bookcase i mentioned before. as you see it is mostly empty so i will want to take advantage of the shelves. My cricut, P3, TV and such. i am thinking this wall may look the same except that the P3 may move and then the plastic drawer will be replaced by the shelves that are currently on my table now. so that the two sides will be similar in size without having to use my son's building blocks to hold the shelf even. Again sorry for the mess but this is why I am doing a whole over haul of my room

Wrinkle in the plan

now i remembered why i didn't put my tv on the microwave shelf. the tv is too big. crap and i was really digging the new plan for the room cuz that would put the tv right up in front of my desk and I could watch. I could remove the bottom shelf but then i would be loosing a shelf huh. or i could put the tv stand over there and move the microwave stand some where else.

this is the planned floor plan. the room is 11ft 1 almost square. we have that chunk out of the one corner for the door. also there is a large window in the front and it is hard to put anything in front of it as it is maybe 2 feet off the floor. The computer corner has to stay there cuz the window glare don't hit it there and I really don't want curtins on the window.
i guess i could put the white plastic etege shelves in the corner where the microwave thing will go and figure something else for the microwave thing. or i could get a smaller tv which we can't afford. i will ask dh when he gets up if they have small tv's still at Circuit City.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated