Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homeschooling I don't get it

You when I had my kids there was one thing I counted down to happen. they went to school and i got some quiet time. I didn't think I am going to keep them home and teach them. no i don't have the patience for that. I love sending them to school and have them be the schools problem for 7 hrs. i love not to worry about cooking for them in the afternoon. fighting over something or walking around saying I am bored. I have tried helping the kids with their homework only to get so stressed i can't see straight. i couldn't picture me homeschooling all the time like that. and then what if they should fail. what if what i taught them wasn't enuf and they just became stupid. I would be to blame. I also often wonder if the down turn of the schools that people see, you know the ones who say "kids aren't learning in school" well maybe it also has a corrilation to homeschooling. I don't, it just seems like when i was in school I wasn't such a problem to teach. i did my homework. sure there was classes i just did enuf to skate by but i never gave my mom a hard time when it came to homework. I guess i don't get parents who want to be with their children ALL the time. i love my kids but I need my break. Right now i have 2 hrs of free me time, usually i end up watching tv or running errands but next year....oh glorious next year. all three will be in school. FULL DAY. i can think about getting a part time job with mommy hours. Yeah i don't get home schooling.