Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well I decided to try this blogging thing

Well I guess this is my first blog. I hope to use this blog to keep people up to date on my life, loves and layouts. Lady (our beagle) got me to jump start the blog thing.

For those of you who don't know. Our dog, Lady is ill. We found out on Monday. It started out as me just taking her in cuz she was panting alot in the evening and seemed to have lost alot of wieght. I was thinking it was going to be just a standard visit and nothing would be wrong. Turns out I was sooo sooo wrong. She has an enlarged heart and possibly either Blastomycosis or cancer of the lung. there is fluid on her lung and some white spots. I am right now waiting for the vet to call us with the Blasto results. She is on heart meds and has a follow up appointment on monday to see what is going on with that. I am nervous about all this as my friends dog just died from Blasto and the more I hear the more I don't like it. My sister's MiL's dog also died from Blasto. Lady has been with dh and I for 11 years. since just before we got married. she is our first dog. And while she can be a pain in the butt I don't want to loose her. I also learned the life expectency of a beagle is 10-15 years. that is just crazy to think about that cuz Lady seems just so young to me. she didn't act like an old girl. we even had to get an invisible fence cuz she kept wanting to follow scents.

The boys school pictures are back too. I am going to post those later as soon as Hunter gets home with his. Teacher conferences is next week. YIKES not looking forward to hearing that. I know Hunter is having issues with getting stuff in on TIME. Camden is doing AWESOME as long as we remember his meds. he does his homework without complaint most nites and is doing great. Samantha is having another speak eval today to see if we need to continue with her speech therapy. I kinda am hoping we are done as that is $35 a month we won't have to dish out.

Well I better run. I need to clean my kitchen and get things straightened up so I can scrap later today, I have 2 dvd's to watch. I want to catch up on my One Tree Hill so I can start the new season.