Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow this is fun and update on Lady

Well as you see I tweaked it a little. I don't know if I will keep this but I think the little kitty is fitting. I wish I knew how to make the journaling area wider though. that strip is so thin. if any of you know how to do this let me know. I just copied a code from someone.

Ok now for an update. Some of the blood work is back on Lady. though not the one on the Blasto. but we do know that 1. her internal organs, like kidney and such are fine. just her heart that is enlarged and her lungs. Her T4 count is fine also, though I didn't expect that to change with her being in thyroid meds. Her white cell count though is high, which is an indicator of an infection somewhere. So we start her on antibotics today. the Blasto results should be in tomorrow. The vet is hoping that comes back negative. I do to. I hope it is just some random infection in her lungs and these meds take care of that. So add one more pill to her regimin. that is 5 pills now she has to take. I am just a walking pharmacy, with Jim's acid reflux and colitis meds, Camden's ADHD meds and now the dogs meds. I am surprised that I can remember who gets what.


~Christina~ said...

Awe...lots of feel better vibes for Lady. I hope she is better soon. I hate when pets or children get just feel so helpless.