Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School time

I love this time of year. It means supply shopping. I love supply shopping. it brings back such fond memories when i was growing up. They put limits on how many notepads and such you could get and i remember going in with my mom and sister and brother and she would hand us each $2-3 and we would each get the max allowed. so that we didnt have to go in and out. The smell of crayons, i love it. the joy of finding everything on the list. the new cloths for the kids. My boys don't care about that stuff. i get for them what i think they will wear and they are ok. i tried to show my oldest his new shirts and he just shrugged me off. he don't care about those things. Camden is a little better at it. But SAMANTHA omg she loves picking out shirts and pants and cloths. This years theme on her wardrobe and supplies is hello kitty. I am ok with that. i love hello kitty. There is 20 days left till the kids go back. i don'tknow what i am going to do with myself. i will have the whole day to ponder. i know tues, wed and thurs is water fitness day. I want to get my scrapbook room in order also. Then i guess i will have to see if i can get a job with mommy hours. Just something part time. but Not right away. i want to enjoy the full day of silence. also i am not sure if dh is going to be switching to days so it may put a damper on what days i could work.