Saturday, December 24, 2011


Growing up not celebrating the holidays I tend to see things differently. People see, Love, time with family, sharing. I see, Stress, arguing, spending money on things just because of the day.

Time with Family. Yes it is nice that people spend time with family but why put so much emphasis on one day. There is 365 days in the year. What is so special about December. Don't say it is the birth of Jesus. It isn't. If Jesus wanted us to celebrate his birth then it would be in the bible when he exactly was born. There is only 1 date in the bible (well not an exact number but a way to find out the exact date) and that is the day of his final supper. (This is my blood, this is my body, keep doing this in rememberance of me) Did you know that the wise men didn't show up to see Jesus until he was a toddler. So if you want to be true to the Nativity, Remove the wise men and put them on the other side of the house, cuz at the time they were still traveling. Also they were sent to kill Jesus.

The whole saying of Jesus is the Reason for the Season. it gets me every time. I hear news reports every year telling people the reason is cuz the Christians wanted to take emphasis off of the pagans and their worshipping of the false god Saturnella (sp) So the Christians chose December 25 (the day of the other god's birth) to make it Jesus' birthdate to take all the steam from the pagans. Did you also know that the holiday is now a mixture of Christian and Pagan religion. So in essence you are still celebrating that False god's birthday and in essence going against the bible in idol worship.

People rushing to spend money on people they normally wouldn't. Why? Tis the season of giving. I think i like it when you are out and about and you see something someone likes or been wanting and you buy it. Give it to them just because you thought of them. Seems more meaningful. Spending time with your family becuz it is your family rather than in Dec. because it is expected. My sister's and I get together once a year for scrapbooking. it is our time and it is so meaningful. Rather than, Who's family are we going to see this day and who's that. rushing from one aunts house to a grandparents to another grandparents. The STRESS, fitting in family time in a few days, and if you have kids, dragging them from one house to another, over tired children, stressed out parents. not enuf time with anyone and over indulging in food.

Keeping them out of presents until a specific day. Giving it to them anyway even though they really don't deserve it. Trust me, if i could i would take everyone of my son's presents back cuz he has been a terror.

Some of you may say "bahumbug, where is your christmas spirit" But remember, I am an outsider looking in. Though sometimes i think i would be easier if my kids believed in Santa but they don't. We could never do the Santa things cuz for the first few years of their lives we were never home on Christmas day.