Saturday, October 4, 2008

Silence is golden in a house with kids

This morning I woke up at 8am. oh it was nice. would have been nicer if I would have went to bed early but I didn't. I fell asleep at 1:30am. the house was quiet. I took Dancer out (Lady was still sleeping) and then went up and took advantage of the silence and took a bath. It was nice. Even deep conditioned my hair.

Dh bought some special dog food for Lady and Dancer online. It is suppose to be good for them and no fillers, well...they don't like it. Lady ate some of the wet to take her pill then Jim mixed the wet with the dry and she refused to eat it. Even Dancer went over there and tried some, she ate some of the wet and spit out the dry. I am not sure what we are going to do with it now. I will probably have to mix the dry with the Iams and sneak it in. Good thing Jim only got one can of wet. I think we are going to stick with the pedigree wet. though we do need to get Lady to eat more than just wet.

Well today I am going to try and turn off the computer for most of the day. Saturdays are slow anyway. get some house work done and then watch some OTH and scrapbook. Tonite Dh and I will watch IRON MAN.

**OTH means One Tree Hill for those who don't know.***


~Christina~ said...

Another OTH-er Yay!!

Mamawheelie said...

I LOVED "Iron Man"! I think my husband really did, too. And woo! that Robert Downey, Jr. does such a great job, if you ask me!