Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just some musing about today

Lady will only eat things we make for her. she is boycotting all dog food. so I guess I will be making some homemade doggie food with chicken I just boiled for her. I don't care as long as she eats. though I honestly don't think she is getting better. my dh says give the meds time. but how can you make a heart start working. or if she has cancer. she still has labored breathing sometimes

On the pica front. I got my iron supplements and will start on those. today was a good day, only one slip. though I felt a little off. the walmart blood pressure thing said I had high bp...just the upper number. I wonder if it is coming off the whole paper thing. Can you have withdrawel from that?

Tomorrow I think I am going to go to the Y and do water fitness. I did do 30 min on the wii fit board today. it was cute cuz Sam was doing the yoga moves with me. no I didn't do all yoga. I did a combo of aerobic, balance and yoga.

I love the halloween time. only cuz they have packages of mini candies. I got some wonka assortment. they are perfect cuz when you have a need for sugar I grab one. I won't get the chocolate ones as I will eat those in a day. what is it with chocolate I will scarf down but sugary things I can take my time. I just finished off my mini nerds. If the kids don't find them I will have to bring them down scrappin.

CRAP the kids found my candy stash. aw heck


Mamawheelie said...

I made the mistake of purchasing early candy to hand out on Halloween. The kids found it last Friday, when Joel and I were at the concert. Ugh. Then Cat decided to start taking some to school, pretending she was getting it from there. Hah.