Sunday, October 12, 2008

i thought this wouldn't be too hard

I had 2 weeks to get use to this. Lady was just a ghost of a dog. I am finding little things throughout the day. yesterday it was a thunderstorm. Lady hated thunderstorms. I always knew a storm was coming before it arrived. I called her a walking barometer. She would follow you around (mostly me) and pant and fluff. crawl in your neck if you were sleeping. Today I heard a gun shot go off, hunting season is coming up next month and Lady hated that. She was a beagle and that is a breed used for hunting but she couldn't stand the sound of gun shots. I also wrapped up her tie out today. We got an underground fence in 2.5 months ago but the last weeks we found out she was sick we put her on the tie out so not to stress her. she hated getting shocked but learned not to go anywhere near the perimeter. actually she rarely ventured far from the house after getting a big jolt when she went to say hi to the garbage man. I think Dancer is feeling it too. She just seems mopey. Dh thinks that it won't be like this for Dancer since he isn't as attached but it will be. I find myself getting teary and just openly weeping (like now) I do put on a brave front in front of some and dh asks me how I feel but I can't tell him cuz
I can't talk about it without crying. It is just so quiet. I never thought that loosing her would leave the house so quiet. I guess I should have cuz she was always the barker. Dancer was quiet but Lady let people know when someone was out walking.