Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I don't know if winter is finally showing up but today is cold. it is about 55 degrees out but the wind has bite to it. I am chilled and just can't get warm, even with long sleeves and socks on. I am going to have to find a pair of warm slippers to wear. I have some but I just don't like them. I had a pair that i loved back when but they bit the dust.

Dh ordered Lady's Urn. I just find it a tad morbid to put her on the mantle like that. Everytime I will look at the mantle I will see her sitting up there. It will make me sad all over. It made me cry just looking at the darn thing on the screen.

My pica is better, I don't have that URG to eat paper like I did before. though I haven't really scrapbooked yet. It became such a habit to eat the scraps left over from cutting that I wonder if I will do it still. I think I will have to get some candy or something to chew on while I work so I don't run into that problem. I have had some slips but they are minor compared to what it was so I can't handle that. the little bit won't hurt me.