Saturday, October 11, 2008

i can't be strong no longer...

i have always distanced myself from this whole Lady thing. I have always tried to be the rock and the word of reason. I think if we would have put her to sleep right away or with in the first week, but draggin this on and grasping is hard. Seeing her get worse is hard. Today I made the dreaded call to the vet for one final check up, I say final becuz I know the answer isn't good, I know that my husband is going to come home alone. He is going to leave with his beloved dog and come home without her. She isn't getting better. Refusing all food except hot dogs which are high in salt and bad for her heart. She has started doing this hacking thing and labor breathing when she is moving. I know this is the best but my heart breaks for my husband. I am openly weaping right now. Jim is not open to wanting another dog right now. I think it would be a good thing becuz I think that Lady would approve. So many pets out there need loving families and happy lives. It don't have to be another beagle. His thinking is he don't want to go through this again. I told him, he is going to have to..we have Dancer. He thinks that cuz he isn't as attached to Dancer it won't be as bad, but trust me it will be cuz I weep for Lady and I wasn't as attached to her either. It is 11:19 right now. the appointment is at 11:45. while I should go with him, I can't. I can't drag all three kids over to the vet and have them see their Daddy cry like that. So please hug your puppies tight.