Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ablation update

I was done about 9:30-10. i could have gone home at 11 but they called my cell number to tell dh and well it was dead in my bag and I thought they called dh's and so by the time I tried dh it was already like 1 something.
Anyway it went ok, i am hoarse from the tube that was in my throat. i won't know the full result until 4 wks when i see my ob, but she said in her report (didn't speak to ob only what i learned from nurses via report) that my uterus was normal size inside, she did a d&c and then the ablation. no mention of polyps. I had some discharge in hospital that i felt when i coughed cuz of the tube, then mild cramping like AF cramping. those have since went away on advil. but my head. OUCH. i have a serious headache and am counting down the clock for bedtime. I been up since 4am. I only got like maybe 5.5hrs sleep. I seriously meant to get to bed early but the minute I started to sleep the dog barks at something. (i think it was camden)
I was nervous but mostly about the General i was going to be under. i haven't had that since my wisdome teeth at age 18. then when they mentioned tube, i freaked more. but i got to the OR, laid down, they put a warm blanket and that was all i remember. next thing I had a mask on and they were telling me that coughing is good cuz of the tube and how i was feeling.
I have had some light spotting. but all in all I am good. Praying that I am going to be one of the bloodless. but even if it is lighter i will be happy

Super tired right now and hoping bedtime is soon. feeling a bit warm but it could be cuz i was just out in the cool breeze to help my headache

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Uterine Ablation

Well after going back and forth with what to do with my heavy Monthly flo. Having a uterine biopsy and u/s. it is the week of the procedure. I was planning on doing the IUD not for birth control purposes but to deminish my monthly flo. The other choice is uterine ablation. This is where they cauterize the lining of your uterus. I wasn't sure i wanted to do that, it just scared me, so i thought IUD would be good and then i can decide about the ablation in 5 years. then I saw an episode of The Doctors. It had a lady on there that got the Novasure. I called my mother and asked her what she thought. she said go for it. So hopefully i am able to change my mind about the IUD to Novasure. I left a message with my OB but she hasn't got back to me yet. i hope she has gotten the message. Just let me know she got it and it is ok. But now that I am so close I am getting so scared. i will be put under for the procedure. I am having a hystroscope too, they think i have polyps. the last time i was put under was when i had my wisdom teeth removed when i was about 18-19 years old. According to the lady on The Doctors she was up and out to dinner with her friends that nite. and her bleeding is just mild spotting now. that would be AWESOME even normal bleeding would be great. but having to wear overnight pads during the day and changing those ever hour or so is insane. even though it only last that heavy for 2 days, it is debilitating not being able to move, change your cloths 3 times a day cuz you bled through, worry about sitting on a chair so you put a towel down.

so that is where I am at. i will let you know how it goes after the procedure

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cuttlebug Challenge Spa Days

So I started a new blog to highlight my playfood shop

Since blogging seems to get news and info around faster. i thought heck it is free, why not. So here is my blog

i can update it as i make more things.