Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Sam's first day of Jr K. how exciting? i asked her if she was excited and she said NO. i said "just think in the am you get to go to Kids Kove and play with the kids. then come home for lunch then to school to play with the kids. a full day of playing with the kids. I haven't decided yet if i am going to try for Water Fitness again or not. the Pool is warmer. I will get out of the gym at about 9:45 if i stay just for the first class (with some hot tub time after) then home to make Sam some lunch about 11ish. She has to be to school by 12:15. I am going to take pictures but un sure how i will get them here. maybe i will get a reg SD card instead of a SDHC card

Friday, September 24, 2010


today is friday why does this excite me. well I don't have to get up at 6am tomorrow. it also means one day closer to Monday. my little girl starts JrK and I am excited for her. she is going to grow up so much this year. I also will be getting her school pictures. I have already gotten Camden's, they were ok. no smile. and Hunter's better and a smile. i can't wait to see Sam's, her's has to be awesome.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids and homework

Homework stresses me out. Part of me is of the thinking that it is their responsiblity to do their homework and get it done without me standing over them. the other part is to stand over them and get it done. But the older boy don't listen to me when I tell him that i don't care if he did it at school i want the homework to come home in the homework folder so i can see it and make sure it is done. I also don't understand the agenda. i don't know what is due what isn't due. I tell them no computer until it is done but then they say "it is done i did it at school" well yeah how am i suppose to know you didn't bring it home. then bam report card time. D's and F's. WTH Testing scores come back ADVANCED in reading and math. well then dude why are you getting D's and F's.

My problem is also that i don't stick with the punishment. Why cuz then i am punished as well.

I hate homework. I wish they would outlaw it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Today Sam went to school for a little bit

Today she went to school for 1.5 hrs without momma. She was a little scared at first. But i told her that she can take 1 dittie(blankie) and that is isn't any different than when we go to the Centre and she goes to Kids Kove while i work out. She will have fun and then before you know it, your day will be done. She did well. I don't think she even knew I was gone. I quietly walked away. No tears from either of us. On the 27th she will start JrK. her school is going to be done then. It was a little strange sitting on the chair watching tv with the house quiet of kids. The man was playing a game and I sat down and watched a show that i been putting off cuz it has a bit of adult theme to it (even though it is geared toward teenagers. yeah i know FYI it was Gossip Girl) I am a little anxious watching her grow and i know she will. this year she is going to have alot of growth. alot of indpendence and her speech and learning patience and how to write and walk in a line and listen to someone other than me. She is my baby and while i want her to stay my baby, i was kinda loving the silence of the afternoon. pick up may be a nightmare at first. I have to explain to C that he is going to have to be picked up last so not to worry if he don't see me but the way things are I am going to have to get S first then H to avoid crossing over the traffic to get to C. this way I am always turning Right. it isn't like he will wait long. i will get S at 2:55 then H after that (how ever long it takes him to get out) and then most likely C at 3:05. he will just have to wait for about 10m. i won't know the exact timing of it until i do it.