Friday, June 26, 2009

Tasteless joke

Farrah Fawcett arrived in heaven and God granted her one wish...she wished that all the children in the world was safe. So God killed Michael Jackson.

sorry I told you it was tasteless. but come on..some of you chuckled

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just some meanderings

Well i got the swaps done. Sorry i didn't take pictures of them to post. i was just cutting it so close. ALSO my camera is MIA. yeah i know how shocking that a scrapbooker is without a camera. i do love my camera but i could use a new one. I set the camera aside as the battery died and i couldn't find the charger. so a week or so later i found the charger but lost the camera. i did charge the extra battery so if I do find the camera i can charge that battery and put the charged one in. Maybe that is what i can do on this rainy day but am a little tired this am.

Sam had a fever yesterday, came on all of a sudden. 103.1 called the ped at urgent care. said to give her meds and watch her. if still feverish in am, bring her in to U.C. So i had her sleep with me which made Camden want to sleep with me and then he couldn't sleep, kept bouncing around, was going to knock sleeping Sam off the bed and kept bugging the dog who was also trying to sleep. finally got him in with his brother. So i am a bit tired. also don't help that it is cold and rainy out. i have to cover my veggies from the cold. Average high around these parts is in the 70's and it is a fridged 50*. tomorrow is suppose to be 60. Feels like fall outside and while we need the rain this cold isn't good for the gardens. thankfully i have a patio garden and can just cover it up. Found some clear plastic so they can get light but not the wind.

My sister isn't doing very well. I feel sad that i can't be there for my family but it is what it is. She is in the hospital after having several strokes. Still no end insight. You see on the news about getting to the hospital and people making recovery from these things and she isn't getting better. actually got worse. No one is telling the family anything and in turn I don't get any information. I believe her smoking has a direct cause in these strokes and so please if you smoke, stop. You may seem invincible at the moment and think you aren't doing any harm but you are. We never expected any of this to happen. She just started scrapbooking 2 years ago and now she can't even feed herself let alone scrapbook.

Well i think that is it from here. i better go clean or something. even though i really don't want to