Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day what a F'in joke

All i ask is a token, a little thought, don't have to be much. a cheap bouquet of flowers and inexpensive ring or even a simple card. some friggin thought. some of my daily chores done, a coupon for a massage, something simple cuz i know i don't need expensive as you already got me a tv, bluray player, my scrap crap, a car.

This morning you come in after working all night which i know is rough, and tell me i need to clean the toilets and the tile. i said it is my day off the one day that i should have the day off (even though we all know we still do housework) and so then what do i get "happy mother's day now go clean the bathroom" then i hear mumbling while i am going potty about how i always have off, i do nothing, i clean nothing. well if that were true then this house would have layers of dirt and food and yuck up to the ceiling. no I am not the cleanest person when it comes to house work but i am not messy either. you can see my floor, the dishes are washed daily. Laundry rarely gets out of control. I am picking up after 4 people who don't know how to pick up after themselves and 4 pets. i can't do the whites right now becuz i have to hunt down all the socks that everyone leaves everywhere.

Factor in that i am trying to eat right and work out and the working out kicks my ass that i am sore and tired. waiting for it to become easier, not alot just the soreness after.

So what do i get to be on mother's day. not a pampered princess that i know some of you get to be but a maid service. If it wasn't for my kids school, i wouldn't even get stuff from them