Friday, October 10, 2008

Well I haven't been scrappin but I have been making sushi

Fake sushi but I think it turned out cute. I make play food and I am trying to get some stock built up and try to sell it on etsy or other mom's who want hand made playfood. Each peice is hand stiched and take some take a little time and some take alot. it is hard on the hand at times so I can't work on it continuously but thanks to the dvr I can watch TV and work on it when I feel like it. You can see the food I have made (not all is in stock though) HERE I started this playfood awhile ago as a gift and then when I had a daughter I started again. though right now she isn't quite into it yet, but when she is I will be ready for her. there is still a ton of foods I haven't made yet that I have patterns for and a few ideas for other that I have in my head. Of the playfood I made the Sushi, food box, tuna can, egg carton and the soup/veggie cans I came up with the pattern for on my own.