Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Mind is always racing

So why does the man have to have the Attitude. The past few days this has been what i been thinking about

1. rummage sale
2. De toy'ing house
3. Sorting, tossing, donating, selling
4. Kids
5. Ording Medication
6. Cooking
7. Cleaning
8. groceries
9. Why hubby has 'tude
10. Making sure hubby's needs are Satisfied (not sure what is up with 9 as i have completed 10)

I never once get to bed before 11pm. Last night i worked up to practically 12am. But the front room is Spectacular. i just need to carry toys down stairs. (will do that soon before kids get up.

Then on to laundry and working on living room.

Boys room is DeToy'd, Sam's room has her stuff in order.

I don't think i am going to be able to get the garage sale going this week. i didn't realize i had so much stuff in the basement from the last g'sale. those need to be gone through, repriced if needed and stuff put for donation.

I am donating to Courage becuz 1. they help stroke victims (my sister had a stroke so i know how hard it can be) and 2. they pick up at your house.

on my list to do is go to half price books to take in 3 bags of books and some movies i found down stairs

So yeah, why does the man choose to have the attitude when all he thinks about is, work, eat, sleep, game. Sure he also pays the bills too. he also gets what he wants if he wants but I have to worry "if i get this will he complain" Even though he said if i need new cloths get it. in truth it really isn't so simple. Today i have to run to the store. Milk is almost depleted, butter is non exsistant. but it is already 8am and i have made myself breakfest (no one else is up but 2 waffles are waiting for kids) unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and will go and do some laundry and take those toys down stairs.

I don't know when i am going to think about even remotely scrapbooking in the future. by the time the house is suitible and clean, i will be hopefully having a part time job and there goes any free time i might think about.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silence isn't always Golden

I woke up Sunday morning to Jim watching tv. I wasnt' up but for a few minutes when he mumbles under his breathe "i am so sick of this marriage" that is his way of telling me he is upset about something. He has said this a few times so really nothing new. But that is really the last words he pretty as much spoken to me. Day 3 of Silence. I am not sure what is wrong, what happened and how could it have happened over night while i was sleeping. If anyone should be upset it should be me. Since i was trying to sleep and he always watches tv. It can't be becuz of the house cuz I have been keeping it picked up. Laundry washed, dishes done, bathroom cleaned. I even started cleaning out the garage for a garage sale. It could be that I am planning my annual trip to the Jehovah Witness convention (if i can get money) This is my only trip out of town. the only time i get to see my family and my mom can spend the weekend with her grandkids whom she don't see. I was also planning on spending a week after and then attending my class reunion maybe. but i would also like to spend time with my Sister who is still in that Gosh aweful nursing home after suffering a stroke. I just wish he would speak to me. I can't fix anything if i don't know what is wrong. I am finding it hard to go about my day knowing he is upset about something. Today i took the car in for oil change, mowed the lawn, picked up the house. One thing i do know I am not an emotional eater. quite the opposite, when i am upset i have to force myself to eat. I know we will get through this we always do. But seriously, I hate that i have to be a mom to 4 children and one of them is 37 years old. He has got it good. all he does is work, which he would do whether we were married or not. on his off days he watches tv, plays computer games, if he wanted to go golfing he could do that too. He can do what he wants when he wants if he wants. This is my last summer. Next Sept Sam starts full day kindergarten, then i can look into getting a job. it will only be part time. I will apply at Michaels, Joann's and Archivers. those are jobs that i know i can do. after all it is Craft jobs.