Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY SteamPunk top hat

I am going to walk you through how to create a top hat that will look like bits of metal to be used for a steam punk costume.  What you will need is 

* Plastic Top hat
* light weight white cardstock (I used no line index cards) 
* Decoupage glue
* scribbles fabric writer (what ever kind you like as long as it dries raised) 
* Black paint 
* Rub and Buff (your color choice, I used antique gold) 
* Paint brush

First start with your hat.  I got this one in the dollar spot at Target.  but any plastic top hat will do.  I put a coating of decoupage glue over it to seal the glitter.

Second...take your cardstock and cut it in to thin strips.  These are thin so they fold over the edge better.    do the rim and the top 

Next take larger piece of cardstock and place them at varying angles and in varying sizes.  When doing this step thing of it like piece of metal.  some you are going to add faux rivets.  Don't worry it will come out in the end.  i always worry at this step if it will look right.  

Now take your scribble writer and put dabs of it around the squares  you just did.  don't put it on everyone square leave some blank but most will have rivets on.  if you mess up you can scrap it off before it dries and just start over.  you are going to paint over it so smudges won't show.  
Once your hat is now fully riveted.  Paint the hat.  you can use black paint on paint or spray paint.  Just as long as your hat is black.  you will need about 2 coats for good coverage. 
 Now take your rub and buff and apply it to the hat.  This is hard to explain how it is best to do it.  I like to put some on a paper...then dab my index finger in and rub my thumb and finger together.  lightly add and rub.  you don't want it too think.  you might want to practice on the underside of your hat.  You want some black to show through.  And accent the rivets.   You can see how that one spot is a bit to dark for my liking.  you can always go back over with paint and redo

And now you have a top hat that looks like it is bits of metal sheets.  Decorate the rim with feathers, flowers and gears or steampunk a set of swim goggles from the dollar store and set it up on top.  If I can I will post a diy on the goggles.  i have to make a set for my nephew so i can take some pictures as i do that.  
The goggles are made from dollar tree swim goggles.  the 2 nerf guns were spray painted black and then I painted and rub and buffed them to look aged.  This is one set of goggles.  Mine look totally different.