Saturday, February 5, 2011

My ablation update...

As you recall about 2 years ago I had a uterine ablation done. I had very heavy periods and while they didn't last very long (3-4 days tops) of those days 2 were spent house bound becuz i bled very heavy. The feeling of a gushing makes going out hard. I couldn't wear tampons becuz they gush was so strong and the clots so large they would push the tampon out. So here I am 2 years past my ablation and while my periods are only 2 days tops the cramps are aweful and this month I bled a one day pretty normal. then this am i woke up and there was nothing but i knew something probably would come. so i kept a pad on and it is a good thing cuz I was in the kitchen making the kids lunch when i felt a pop. similar to when you are pregnant and your baby kicks you in your cervix. that kind of pain. then cramps then i just felt warmth. i bled heavy and hard. i ran to the bathroom. if i hadn't i would have bled through my pad quickly. Took some mydol. laid down. then when i was trying to come up with something for dinner. i bled through another pad. It has since let up but MY GOODNESS. having your whole period in 1 day is crazy insane. I am thinking of making an appointment with my primary (don't have an ob anymore) discuss possibly having a mirena put in to stave off the bleeding. what i would love to do is have them remove my uterus but yeah don't see that happening so i guess this is the next best thing