Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Blogger: Life, Love, and Layouts - Manage Posts: "Honestly what goes through his head
Honestly what goes through his head

Somedays I would love to see why my son does the things he does. Like why playing in dirty litter is good. or why thinking that dumping clean litter on the floor is a good idea. Or dumping litter in the toilet and sink could possibly work. (clumping litter that is). This morning I awoke to find that he had CRACKED all the eggs in the fridge. there was I think 8-9 eggs and he cracked all but one open and put them in the sink and the shells in the carton and the one egg was left out so obviously was no good. He did this sometime between 10 pm and the morning. I don't know when. I was in bed. and while I was awake at about 11 I didn't hear him go down. Seriously what runs through his head. Well I have house work to do, a dude is coming today to buy our old tv. Hopefully he shows, I have had this happen with another buyer for the tv. she was interested then our timing wasn't right, then we even lowered the price a little, she planned on coming out, only to not show. Drives me bonkers. but I need this money for my scrappin weekend. it sure will help."

Money Card

I got this idea from Dawn's Stamping Studio I wanted to have a step by step look instead of a video as Dawn did. ok here is goes.

you will need
7 1/2" x 7 1/8" cardstock
2" x 7 1/4" cordinating cardstock
1" x 7" cordinating paper (belly band)
circle embellishment (this you can pre buy or make)
tools needed
circle punch
adhesive and pop dots
scoring tool
paper trimmer
Anything you may need to creat your embelly
1. cut your paper to 7 1/2 x 7 1/8

2. score on the 7 1/8 side at 2 3/4 and 5 3/4. Fold on these lines.
3. cut a half circle mid way between the smaller fold side and then apply adhesive along the sides (see where the white arrows are) and then fold adhereing the sides and creating the pocket for where you money will go.

4. take you 2"x 7 1/4" paper. Here is where you can decorated it with stamping or as I did with embossing in the cuttlebug. Then take your belly band paper and score and fold it at 1 3/4 x 4 3/4
5. You can if you so like use a scallop punch and punch the front flap of the card. adhere your 2 x 7 1/4 paper to the front of the card. Then fold the belly band around card and adhere the ends together. use pop dots and adhere your embelly for the card. This card I used a premade embelly. but the below one with the monkey I used the cuttle bug die and cricut to make the circles.
6. place money in the card and slide the belly band over the card. The skies the limit with this card. you can add a greeting on the outside paper. switch things up with embellies. have fun