Monday, October 6, 2008

Pica and Lady update

Pica is a medical disorder characterized by an appetite for largely
non-nutritive substances

I suffer from Pica. the worse kind to a scrapbooker though. I eat paper. I have always done this when I was a teenager. grew out of it. then did it from time to time. well it has gotten worse this past summer till now. it is hard as I know it is wrong, I know it is gross, I know it isn't healthy but i can't stop. I scrapbook, I have paper everywhere. somedays are ok. some aren't. I took the first step today though and went to the doctor. She gave me some ah ha moments. Here I had heavy monthly clotting during my womenly visits. turns out the pica and clotting could go together. I could be anemic. I could be lacking something. the pica isn't cuz I am hungry either. I could have just eaten but still have the urge to have paper. So the doctor is doing a blood work up. this could also explain the feeling I have of chaos. I stand in my kitchen, look around see clutter and just freak. I use to be good at keeping up with the house work and now I just don't want to. So right now we are going to work on it and I am going to fight the urge to eat paper. Today was a semi good day so far. I only had 3 episodes. I just want to feel like me. good note, my blood pressure was fine.

Lady, it don't look good. Dh of course has the egyptian flu (huh brenda sound familar) and is in Denile. He wants to try the meds longer. While I feel that I don't want to loose Lady, I just don't want her to suffer. while she is doing better. the improvment isn't much. But Lady is Jim's dog and he don't want to loose her. I probably would feel the same if it were Dancer. I don't like to loose a pet but I rather they go soundly to sleep for good then dying here. Part of it also is that I don't want to wake to find a dead animal. I don't my kids to see it either. a dead mouse or bug is one thing but not a pet. expecially for Hunter as they have all been raised together. While they don't care for Lady (she steals their food) I know that they do still love her.


Mamawheelie said...

The first time I heard of that disorder, I didn't even know that's what I was being screened for (W.I.C.). I could understand how eating non-food items would be bad for you, but they also included ice in the list. *boggle* In the summer, I loooove to eat ice. If it's left in my glass, I'll eat it any time of the year. And besides, it's water, so why could that be included? Sometimes...

I'm glad that you're seeking the explanation for this, and I really hope something positive comes up. And I feel as you do about not having a pet die at home, if it's preventable, and to not let her suffer. *HUGS*