Thursday, October 16, 2008

just a little update

ya know what I realized today. Paper I use to eat, don't seem to taste the same as it did. so the urg for certain things are no longer an issue. Isn't that odd.

Also today Sam has a speech appointment and i just realized the last time she had speech, Lady was alive and now she isn't. And I went to pick up the paper and it was the bill from the vet when dh had her put to sleep. Wow we spent alot on Lady that last month. $200 for first vet appointment, $50ish for the second and the last $168. And it was all for naught.

today I went to the Y but then dh called afterward and wanted me to bring something home to eat. so what was the point of me working out. huh? I wish subway had a drive through cuz really, I would have went there but I didn't want to unbuckle Sam drag her in and then buckle her back up. I think subway would get more buisness if they had a drive through and I know it can be done as most people that go to subway know what they want and how they want it. If they can do it at Cousins then they can do it for subway. If you don't know or want to see what is being made then you can still go in if you like.