Saturday, March 31, 2012

I know it has been awhile

but i just having been crafting like I should. i don't care for my space layout. i have been slowly replacing shelves here and there. I finally thought i found something I like but then dh bought me a HUGE monitor for my laptop to use when i am at home. So now one of my cabinets is displaced. I think i found a solution but that means that i have to replace my current desk. :( i do like this desk but it isn't a computer desk so no keyboard drawer. And shoot it was free from the curb so ya know. but I am going to get a new desk from shopko. NorthCrest Victory Land Design Annadel Desk

then I am going to get a new workstation becuz the new desk is too wide and it won't fit with my white table banquet table.
EXPEDIT Workstation IKEA Adjustable feet provide stability on uneven floors.
And since I will be at Ikea I am going to get another shelf to replace the white microwave cabinet. so i will have a TON of storage in my room. :) maybe when i get that done I can start crafting again.

I did go to a weekend crop in March and i did complete some layouts. when i get my room situated i will take pictures to show you