Saturday, December 24, 2011


Growing up not celebrating the holidays I tend to see things differently. People see, Love, time with family, sharing. I see, Stress, arguing, spending money on things just because of the day.

Time with Family. Yes it is nice that people spend time with family but why put so much emphasis on one day. There is 365 days in the year. What is so special about December. Don't say it is the birth of Jesus. It isn't. If Jesus wanted us to celebrate his birth then it would be in the bible when he exactly was born. There is only 1 date in the bible (well not an exact number but a way to find out the exact date) and that is the day of his final supper. (This is my blood, this is my body, keep doing this in rememberance of me) Did you know that the wise men didn't show up to see Jesus until he was a toddler. So if you want to be true to the Nativity, Remove the wise men and put them on the other side of the house, cuz at the time they were still traveling. Also they were sent to kill Jesus.

The whole saying of Jesus is the Reason for the Season. it gets me every time. I hear news reports every year telling people the reason is cuz the Christians wanted to take emphasis off of the pagans and their worshipping of the false god Saturnella (sp) So the Christians chose December 25 (the day of the other god's birth) to make it Jesus' birthdate to take all the steam from the pagans. Did you also know that the holiday is now a mixture of Christian and Pagan religion. So in essence you are still celebrating that False god's birthday and in essence going against the bible in idol worship.

People rushing to spend money on people they normally wouldn't. Why? Tis the season of giving. I think i like it when you are out and about and you see something someone likes or been wanting and you buy it. Give it to them just because you thought of them. Seems more meaningful. Spending time with your family becuz it is your family rather than in Dec. because it is expected. My sister's and I get together once a year for scrapbooking. it is our time and it is so meaningful. Rather than, Who's family are we going to see this day and who's that. rushing from one aunts house to a grandparents to another grandparents. The STRESS, fitting in family time in a few days, and if you have kids, dragging them from one house to another, over tired children, stressed out parents. not enuf time with anyone and over indulging in food.

Keeping them out of presents until a specific day. Giving it to them anyway even though they really don't deserve it. Trust me, if i could i would take everyone of my son's presents back cuz he has been a terror.

Some of you may say "bahumbug, where is your christmas spirit" But remember, I am an outsider looking in. Though sometimes i think i would be easier if my kids believed in Santa but they don't. We could never do the Santa things cuz for the first few years of their lives we were never home on Christmas day.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Cycle

OK as most of you followers know I have been having issues with my cycle for YEARS. It started with uber heavy bleeding for 3 days. I thought an uterine ablation would be the answer and as far as bleeding went it did improve that but enter cramping. Serious mind blowing cramps that recently even pain killers wouldn't dull. So I made an appointment with my ob (a new one) and she said my options were partial hysterectomy or going on the pill. IUD option is out due to the scaring created by the ablation. So I decided to try the pill for a few months. WOW. My first cycle started with thick brown old blood for one day then my real period was about 3 days, mild cramps, the flow was so light also. I am not on cycle 2 on the pill. the cramping is a little more this time but still very very bearable. the flow is a little heavier but not bad.

Now on to the reason for my post. I was wondering if I should starting all the following cycles do continuous pills. meaning when my actual hormone pills end instead of continuing on with the placebo sugar pills. or should i just continue on with the next set of hormone pills in turn stopping my periods all together. or should i just let my periods come every month. the down side to the stopping period i heard is occasional spotting. If this was an option for you what would you do. You can respond to facebook comments or pm me on facebook. the reason for me posting on blogger is so that those interested in reading can and say the men on my blog can just not read.

thanks so much for your input

Saturday, October 22, 2011

How do you decide your career path?

How do you pick your career path? My husband is pushing me to work. Do I have to work? Not really, he makes 6 figures. But he would like me to work to help out. I know he get stressed a lot when it comes to money and I know others have it worse than us. We got in an argument because he asked me why don't I go back to school. And I asked him "to do what" He asked me "there is nothing you want to go back to school to do" and HONESTLY, No. He thinks that I just have no purpose, no goals.

When growing up, I loved animals. I wanted to be a vet. Yes, most little girls want to be vets. I then wanted to be a vet nurse. But now I think about it. No, I don't think I could do it. I don't think I could handle blood. And strange dogs scare me. I wonder if you could follow one of those around to see if that is something I could do. hmm. In high school I was really good with numbers. Got A's in math. I took accounting. thought i would want to do that. but yeah, now I don't think that would work. I don't think i want to do that with my life.

What am I good at? Crafts, scrapbooking. Where has that gotten me? I applied at Archivers. Yeah that didn't pan through which totally sucks becuz there was a new employee there and she knew squat. I applied at Target. Nope, they turned me down. I applied at Joanns and Big Lots...haven't heard from them either.

I don't know what other things are out there. If I could spend my life teaching people how to scrapbook that would be awesome. I thought about those home buisness like CTMH or Stamping up. but how do you get a client base to make money doing that. I live in a small town with a bunch of small towns surrounding. Really is it something to do.

I thought about teaching also but really, I waited for this year to come when all 3 of my kids were in school. do i really want to be in charge of a bunch of other kids.

So i go back to my original question...How do you choose a career path when there really isn't anything that makes you say "ooh i want to do that for the rest of my life"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Monthly Cramping

OK so a few years ago I had a uterine ablation in hopes to help cure me of the Gol Awful heavy Cycles. While some have no return of their periods. Some have lighter periods and some it don't work at all. My cycle when from uber Heavy and clotting to 1 day with no clotting. I was OK with that. As the year went on it went from 1 day to 2 days and again I am OK with that. The cramping though is insane. I have to take pain pills (600-800mg of Advil) and keep on it before it wears off. I am like this for a day - day and a half. It is awful. this last time the Advil only took the edge off. So before our insurance changes (for the worse) I wanted to get a lay off why I am cramping. My bleeding has also gone to one day flow, dry next day, one day flow to dry. Sometime there will be a pop and i know to run to the bathroom as I know a gush will happen. I am incapastitated those days I am broken. I did discuss my cramping with the OB who did my ablation and she told me nothing of the following. I wish I would have known this a year ago, I might have done this sooner and had more time to try other things. As it is now. I have 3 months. before our insurance changes for the worse. So here are my options. Option 1. try the NuvaRing. sometimes it helps with the bleeding and cramping. Sometimes it don't. But to know if it will work I will have to be on it for 3months. but if it don't work I am back to square one with a crappy insurance and I won't be able to do option 2. Option 2- Partial Hysterectomy. They will remove the offending uterus either vaginally, laparoscopicly or through my current c section scar. I am leaning for the first 2 as there is minimal recovery and with the last i will be restricted for 6 weeks. Though all 3 don't scare me as I have had three C sections. So it looks like I will be doing option 2. I am just kinda wishing she would have removed it during my last c/s. If i would have known all this a year ago when i talked to Dr. Ritter I would have tried the nuva ring FIRST and had more time to try things. :(

Friday, September 23, 2011

School and Job

My husband says to me today 'why don't you go back to school'. I asked "why" He said "don't you have any ambition to do anything." And I think "No" Does that make me weird? There is nothing really I want to do with my life. When I was in school, I never really thought of a career. I use to want to be a Vet, but not now. I don't do well with blood, guts and such. I was really good in accounting but yeah not so much. Those are the only 2 things I can think of that I thought about in High School. Just finding a job I am good at and like and getting paid that is all I care about. I am good at crafts. I would love to take photography classes but other than that, there is really nothing. I am almost 40 years old. I have spent the last 13 years being a mom to 3 kids and I still have 13 more years to go before all my kid are adults. I so far have applied at Target and Archiver's and have only heard back from Target and not for the good. I am going to fill out applications for Big Lots and Joann's but honestly who wants someone who has only worked for a year before getting pregnant and been out of work for 13 years. Also working will totally mess up my fitness regimen

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scrapfest 2011

This year I decided to attended Scrapfest at the Mall of America. I have lived up here since 2003 and never attended. Didn't know what to expect. It isn't like the expo's I have gone to before where there are make and takes at booths that sell the brand they are making and taking. They just had the make and takes and then if you wished to purchase that you had to go to the Archiver's store. (scrapfest is put on by Archiver's) There is also A LOT of standing while waiting in line. They had workshops but since it was my first year, I didn't attend any. Next year I am definatly going to try and get into Tim Holtz's class. One he is Tim Holtz and two I heard you get a lot of swag. His class was $65. He just has a lot of grand techniques that I just want to learn. The other class I was told was good that you get a lot of stuff was Fiskars.

I went with my 2 sister's and my cousin and it was fun even with all the waiting. Then we had plans to come home and scrapbook that night and the next day but we ended up going back Saturday. We did get a little scrapbooking done on Saturday. Next time we will get there at 8. Also next time i plan on having one of these totes. Bag with attached Chair

There are a couple of tools that I used this weekend worth mentioning. First one is by Prima. it is called the Prima Distressing Tool. It is AWESOME. It has what is like a dry skin remover for your heel on one side, it has razor blades on another, and a metal brush hidden on the end. this tool is the Bomb. it will definately be added to my arsenal

The next is the Cinch by We R Memory Keepers. It is similar to the Bind it all. I have never used the Bind it all so i don't know what the difference is. But basically it allows you to make your own ring binders. So if you wanted to make a calendar for family you can, cookbooks as gifts. it was fun fun fun

Another fun thing we used was ink pads that had a heart shape to them and they had these grips. so if you do a lot of edge inking these are wonderful. I don't remember the name of them though. I will have to get back to you on that one.

Smash Books--now I saw these before and just didn't think it would be for me but after seeing a book in my hand and talking with my sisters, I am thinking I may give it a go. Basically a smash book is how scrapbooking was. it is a book with everything, you go out to eat, put the napkin from the resturant in there, you go to the movies, ticket stubs. one page in the sample had a straw taped in it. the book ends up not laying flat and that is OK. Just things you want to remember but really don't want to scrapbook. it comes with a double pen, with one side pen and one side glue. Here is a video on SMASH BOOKING

OK now on to the make and takes. We didn't do all of them but there were 31 make and takes. well really 29 because 1 person didn't show due to flooding and Smash book really wasn't a make and take. Here are the pictures of what I did...

7 Gypsies - We did Tissue flowers and covered a book board circle with tissue. it has a pink Ribbon to hang, I chose the number 5 for my 5 members in my family.

American Craft - We made a Coupon book using a new paper cutter that has a blade housing where you can choose cut, score and perforated with a flick of the switch. we also used a 12inch stapler (awesome)

Authentique - Here we used the new Free Bird line. there is some GORGOUS Paper. and when I say NEW, it is new, the guy said the paper just came in that Wednesday.

Basic Grey- We used some of their paper and I learned how to stamp and image and you add water to give it the water color effect though i think i need more water for it. i wish the instructor would have told us that is the reason for the spritzing. i thought we were just re moistening the stamp. Also used this awesome silver leaf type stuff. I have to find that.

Bazzill - We used their new embossed paper with the white core, took some sandpaper and sanded it off. Nice 12x12 layout

BoBunny - We went to this one cuz we wanted the flower they were giving away with the layout. I guess it is the trend to get a flower every year as we saw some with quite of few different ones. if we had time i would have gone back to do another page to get a double layout. Next year

Graphic 45- this is my cousins favorite line. I am so so on it. The paper is Wizard of Oz. I am not sure what I am going to do with this tag.

Prima - this is my all time favorite. It is Gorgous. I am thinking of putting in a glassless 8x8 frame (the page is 6x6) and putting it on my daughter's wall. or it might be a gift for someone.

We R Memory Keepers- This is the project we used the Cinche on. made a cute little book. It was suppose to be Halloween but we don't celebrate that so I made a generic type book. I am not to keen on the bottom folded paper. I may replace that with some ribbon.

Smash Book - this is the mini smash book we got at the Smash book booth.

Well that is it. Scrapfest 2011 is a wrap. Next year we know what we should and shouldn't do. Even if my sister's can't make it. I will definatly be going back while the kids are in school. Gotta get another BoBunny flower for my bag. The price wasn't too bad for what we got ($22) Would have been nice to get more make and takes done but I feel we did the best of them. There was one that has a 2 HOUR wait. That is Crazy. I also wish we would have done Reminisce the first day. We planned to go back and do it Saturday but they changed the make and take and it went from a Fall layout to a Christmas one :( Some of the booths do that, BoBunny did but we never got time to do that one.

I hope this was helpful to you if you are on the fence on going to Scrapfest by Archivers.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Ah my girl. She is 12.5 years old. I notice she is slowing down some. Sure she has bouts of energy where she seems like a young dog but then there are times where she just don't want to move. She also isn't eating a lot. She eats it but it seems like such a chore for her. Yesterday my husband had to coax her up the stairs. She didn't follow me up when I went up for bed like she usually does. I am back to giving her pain meds for her aches. Part of me is gearing up for the worse. I just have a feeling that she won't be with us at the end of the year. She is a good dog. The best we had. Australian Shepherds are an awesome breed. And if we ever find ourselves down to one dog again, I think another aussie will be in the cards. But who knows she may prove me wrong and live another year or 2. The oldest Aussie on record lived to 16yrs.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School time

I love this time of year. It means supply shopping. I love supply shopping. it brings back such fond memories when i was growing up. They put limits on how many notepads and such you could get and i remember going in with my mom and sister and brother and she would hand us each $2-3 and we would each get the max allowed. so that we didnt have to go in and out. The smell of crayons, i love it. the joy of finding everything on the list. the new cloths for the kids. My boys don't care about that stuff. i get for them what i think they will wear and they are ok. i tried to show my oldest his new shirts and he just shrugged me off. he don't care about those things. Camden is a little better at it. But SAMANTHA omg she loves picking out shirts and pants and cloths. This years theme on her wardrobe and supplies is hello kitty. I am ok with that. i love hello kitty. There is 20 days left till the kids go back. i don'tknow what i am going to do with myself. i will have the whole day to ponder. i know tues, wed and thurs is water fitness day. I want to get my scrapbook room in order also. Then i guess i will have to see if i can get a job with mommy hours. Just something part time. but Not right away. i want to enjoy the full day of silence. also i am not sure if dh is going to be switching to days so it may put a damper on what days i could work.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Mind is always racing

So why does the man have to have the Attitude. The past few days this has been what i been thinking about

1. rummage sale
2. De toy'ing house
3. Sorting, tossing, donating, selling
4. Kids
5. Ording Medication
6. Cooking
7. Cleaning
8. groceries
9. Why hubby has 'tude
10. Making sure hubby's needs are Satisfied (not sure what is up with 9 as i have completed 10)

I never once get to bed before 11pm. Last night i worked up to practically 12am. But the front room is Spectacular. i just need to carry toys down stairs. (will do that soon before kids get up.

Then on to laundry and working on living room.

Boys room is DeToy'd, Sam's room has her stuff in order.

I don't think i am going to be able to get the garage sale going this week. i didn't realize i had so much stuff in the basement from the last g'sale. those need to be gone through, repriced if needed and stuff put for donation.

I am donating to Courage becuz 1. they help stroke victims (my sister had a stroke so i know how hard it can be) and 2. they pick up at your house.

on my list to do is go to half price books to take in 3 bags of books and some movies i found down stairs

So yeah, why does the man choose to have the attitude when all he thinks about is, work, eat, sleep, game. Sure he also pays the bills too. he also gets what he wants if he wants but I have to worry "if i get this will he complain" Even though he said if i need new cloths get it. in truth it really isn't so simple. Today i have to run to the store. Milk is almost depleted, butter is non exsistant. but it is already 8am and i have made myself breakfest (no one else is up but 2 waffles are waiting for kids) unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and will go and do some laundry and take those toys down stairs.

I don't know when i am going to think about even remotely scrapbooking in the future. by the time the house is suitible and clean, i will be hopefully having a part time job and there goes any free time i might think about.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silence isn't always Golden

I woke up Sunday morning to Jim watching tv. I wasnt' up but for a few minutes when he mumbles under his breathe "i am so sick of this marriage" that is his way of telling me he is upset about something. He has said this a few times so really nothing new. But that is really the last words he pretty as much spoken to me. Day 3 of Silence. I am not sure what is wrong, what happened and how could it have happened over night while i was sleeping. If anyone should be upset it should be me. Since i was trying to sleep and he always watches tv. It can't be becuz of the house cuz I have been keeping it picked up. Laundry washed, dishes done, bathroom cleaned. I even started cleaning out the garage for a garage sale. It could be that I am planning my annual trip to the Jehovah Witness convention (if i can get money) This is my only trip out of town. the only time i get to see my family and my mom can spend the weekend with her grandkids whom she don't see. I was also planning on spending a week after and then attending my class reunion maybe. but i would also like to spend time with my Sister who is still in that Gosh aweful nursing home after suffering a stroke. I just wish he would speak to me. I can't fix anything if i don't know what is wrong. I am finding it hard to go about my day knowing he is upset about something. Today i took the car in for oil change, mowed the lawn, picked up the house. One thing i do know I am not an emotional eater. quite the opposite, when i am upset i have to force myself to eat. I know we will get through this we always do. But seriously, I hate that i have to be a mom to 4 children and one of them is 37 years old. He has got it good. all he does is work, which he would do whether we were married or not. on his off days he watches tv, plays computer games, if he wanted to go golfing he could do that too. He can do what he wants when he wants if he wants. This is my last summer. Next Sept Sam starts full day kindergarten, then i can look into getting a job. it will only be part time. I will apply at Michaels, Joann's and Archivers. those are jobs that i know i can do. after all it is Craft jobs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Past -- J I Case High school

My friend had just mentioned in her blog that she just remembered that it has been 15 years since she graduated. Well i got you beat. This year is our 20 YEAR reunion. Wow has it been that long. We were Case Eagles and We will Soar up where we belong. Our school colors were Green and Gold. I tell everyone i was meant to live in Wisconsin cuz Green Bay packers colors are green and gold also so i was meant to bleed those colors. GREEN AND GOLD GREEN AND GOLD. don't mess with the best cuz the best don't mess, don't fool with the cool cuz the cool don't fool. Yes, my friend was on the cheer squad and I joined her on a few practices. High school is when i started dating. my first boyfriend was a douche. Ok at the time i didn't think he was, he was also my first ah hum. Sadly I will never forget him cuz of that. He was very abusive, a little bit physically and alot emotionally. We broke up and i remember that summer i kicked my ass into gear and came back skinny (in retrospect i was skinny but I looked good that following year. it was my best school picture too. Yes, said boyfriend was kicking himself. What clique was I in. ALL OF THEM. i had friends in every group. But i mostly hung out with the stoners/smokers. Jr. year i fell for a boy. Fred. I fell hard for him. i dated him for quite a long time. Yes this year I dabbled in drugs and drinking. only Pot. still to this day i think nothing wrong with it. I skipped school alot. i was actually a jr. for a year and a half and a senior for only a half a year. i had to bust my butt the first half of my senior year to graduate with my class cuz i skipped half of my jr year away. I was awesome at skipping though. I was also awesome at mixing vodka with squirt and drinking it in school. it is amazing how easy it was. There were a few fights with my "bff" frome elementary. i use that term loosely. I always felt i was fighting in her shadow and now that i think about it. She really wasn't anyone i wanted to be anyway. Still do this day she is pretty much the same. but high school was also when i met my bff. to this day i still call her so, even though we are 6hrs away and see each other maybe once a year. I don't remember how we exactly met. My Bff in this new town reminds me of Mystical in some ways. Things i regret about high school. not going to Prom. Being a follower instead of a leader. being a doormat to some. Things i don't regret, doing pot (still see nothing wrong with it) knowing my friends. Mystical and Joe are my two top and I still talk to though Joe i don't know where he went. i havne't spoke to him in a year and it makes me sad. after i graduated it was about 6-7 months when i met Jim. We ended up dating for a long time then got married and still are married with 3 kids. Jim was/is not they type of guy I am attracted too. i was always into the long hair, leather and jeans guys. and Jim is a computer guy in khaki pants and polo shirts. but it was following a heartbreak of Fred (he cheated on me with my elementary "bff") I miss high school though. i miss learning, taking notes (always loved that) i miss lunch time and gym. I miss it all. it was so easy back then. I am still pondering if i want to go to the reunion. I wish i could talk to Joe and see if he is going. I am thinking I will ask Mystical if she wants to go with me if i do go. even though she graduated 2 years after me. she still was friends with alot of the same people i was.

Some nicknames i have, Shorty, Fritolay, Midget. but mostly it was Shorty.

The Past--Middle school

I went to Glimore Middle school growing up. It was when the first crushes came, though my bff growing up had hers in elementary school (turns out her crush became my brother in law). Nick Loomis was one crush, Brett Horner another (turns out he was the cousin of my bff in high school ((not same bff)) There was a girl in a couple of my classes named Tamara Palez. for some reason throughout the year people would call me Tamara. not sure why we looked nothing alike. she was a bit asian or philipin (sp) but we both wore glasses and hated it so we only put them on at times we needed them. Yes Middle school is when I got my glasses. YUCK they were the ugliest coke bottle plastic frame things. nothing like todays glasses. well i am sure they had cute ones but we were Po' folk and my mom got the cheapest ones. I also got my period this year and my chest filled out. I was always the largest chest of the class. I had one teacher Mrs Nemith. oh she was tough and mean. One time I did something and she kept me after school as punishment. my mom was pissed. I refused to take the activity bus home so Mrs. Nemith drove me home. I am proud to say, she never kept me after school again. :) Then there was that freaky teacher i can't remember her name but she loved parrots. she had big bug eyes too. There really isn't much to remember about Middle school. it kinda was a blip on my life. i only was there for 3 years and really don't remember much of it. i remember the graduation ceramony at the end of 8th grade. Sneaking to a dance (ooh got in trouble for that as my mom didn't allow after school stuff like that. of course she let the younger sibs go later) I remember trying freeze dried ice cream once. that was good. I remember seeing Never Ending Story at school (that was when we had the ice cream) I remember the school store where you bought supplies if you needed it and I can pretty much picture the office and what i looks like and the lunch room which was also where we had the dances. this was also the year that school gym cloths came into play YUCK. at least they didn't push showers. they were there but i don't think anyone used them. This was also the year when there were more races. in Elementary school there was a 1 probably in each class, it was a small country school. but Gilmore was in the city. Gilmore also was were we went on cool field trips. i learned to cross country ski Fun, We went canoeing, FUN. Museum of science and industry. i remember getting sick on that trip and that dreaded Mrs. Nemith. stayed with me the whole time.

Anyway that is pretty much it with Middle school.

next post High school.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Past- Caddy Vista Elementary

This year is our 20 year reunion. It has been 20 years since I graduated high school. This has stirred up alot of all fond memories from the past. I enjoyed school. I may not have got the best grades and i wasn't a popular girl and i was kinda considered the FAT friend. But we had a blast. I also joined a group on Facebook for my elementary school. Oh the times we had back then. Field Day on the last day of school where we had teams and did games and competed. It is sort of similar to my kids Sports Day but we competed as a team in relays and various other things. If i recall right we got ribbons at the end. I remember one field day and if i was back at the school i could show you exactly where it was that i was doing some game and I got a fish hook in my knee. We had a Tire climber made out of old car tires and it was the bomb. it was just 6 tires that made a cube and there was 3 cubes connected. then the monkey bars on ASPHALT. The Huge car innertube with a rope tied to it that we used in the Winter to pull kids along. Pizza day was AlWAYS on Wednesday. The little store that I would sneak off campus after i got off the bus to buy penny candy. The Teachers. My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Sorenson, i think she left the year after. I remember getting in trouble and having to put my head down for most of the class (half day kindy) the blow up letter people. My 3rd grade teacher was Mrs. Ortel. she liked hippos. and i would go to the other 3rd grade class room for reading (i was in advance reading) Mardi Gras in the Spring. the games, the cake walk. we have a large family and the cake walk was musical chairs and when most of the people playing are your family. you are sure to win. I remember alot of stuff from elementary. It was like yesterday. i can remember the smell of the hall. the look of the floor. Santa's secret workshop where you could buy little gifts. The school has been shut down and now all the kids in the Caddy Vista district go to other school. It was bitter sweet as my whole family went there and once niece also. 7 kids. Some of the teachers taught all 7 of us too. Mrs Peterson was the secretary and she was there through all of us. I been wondering if my kids are going to have fond memories of school like I have. Are they going to sit and remember all they use to do. I don't know. it was a different time back then. Back when kids use to play and be outside all the time.

Some teachers i remember. Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Goltz, Mr Sabaka (he was the only male teacher in our school) Mrs. Dresden (gym, ah the parachute and dodgeball) Mrs Booker, Mrs. Putnam

I will save Middle school and high school for another post

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I am staying home today. I don't feel good"

that is what my husband just said to me. I wish as a mom i could say that. I wish when i don't feel good i could stay in bed and do nothing but sadly I can't. But i hate it when he stays home unexpected cuz there is things i do when he goes to work. Today i want to vacuum the loft and shampoo it. but he is sleeping in the other room. it is also bath day for the kids and i like to give a kid a bath in the big tub (master bath) and the boys bathroom to kill 2 kids with one stone. He is in the bedroom and he don't like the kids using the master bathroom. "man Flu" yeah we know how it is. they are such big babies. top of that i was watching Pretty Little Liars upstairs and would love to continue but i can't if he is in there taking over the room cuz you know he make comments throughout. not to mention he has been sleeping all day which means he is going to be up all night and that usually means him watching tv while i sleep. wouldn't be that much of an issue if he did it downstairs and not in the bedroom

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day what a F'in joke

All i ask is a token, a little thought, don't have to be much. a cheap bouquet of flowers and inexpensive ring or even a simple card. some friggin thought. some of my daily chores done, a coupon for a massage, something simple cuz i know i don't need expensive as you already got me a tv, bluray player, my scrap crap, a car.

This morning you come in after working all night which i know is rough, and tell me i need to clean the toilets and the tile. i said it is my day off the one day that i should have the day off (even though we all know we still do housework) and so then what do i get "happy mother's day now go clean the bathroom" then i hear mumbling while i am going potty about how i always have off, i do nothing, i clean nothing. well if that were true then this house would have layers of dirt and food and yuck up to the ceiling. no I am not the cleanest person when it comes to house work but i am not messy either. you can see my floor, the dishes are washed daily. Laundry rarely gets out of control. I am picking up after 4 people who don't know how to pick up after themselves and 4 pets. i can't do the whites right now becuz i have to hunt down all the socks that everyone leaves everywhere.

Factor in that i am trying to eat right and work out and the working out kicks my ass that i am sore and tired. waiting for it to become easier, not alot just the soreness after.

So what do i get to be on mother's day. not a pampered princess that i know some of you get to be but a maid service. If it wasn't for my kids school, i wouldn't even get stuff from them

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My ablation update...

As you recall about 2 years ago I had a uterine ablation done. I had very heavy periods and while they didn't last very long (3-4 days tops) of those days 2 were spent house bound becuz i bled very heavy. The feeling of a gushing makes going out hard. I couldn't wear tampons becuz they gush was so strong and the clots so large they would push the tampon out. So here I am 2 years past my ablation and while my periods are only 2 days tops the cramps are aweful and this month I bled a one day pretty normal. then this am i woke up and there was nothing but i knew something probably would come. so i kept a pad on and it is a good thing cuz I was in the kitchen making the kids lunch when i felt a pop. similar to when you are pregnant and your baby kicks you in your cervix. that kind of pain. then cramps then i just felt warmth. i bled heavy and hard. i ran to the bathroom. if i hadn't i would have bled through my pad quickly. Took some mydol. laid down. then when i was trying to come up with something for dinner. i bled through another pad. It has since let up but MY GOODNESS. having your whole period in 1 day is crazy insane. I am thinking of making an appointment with my primary (don't have an ob anymore) discuss possibly having a mirena put in to stave off the bleeding. what i would love to do is have them remove my uterus but yeah don't see that happening so i guess this is the next best thing

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scrapbooking and babies

I haven't done it in awhile. Last time was November. I have all this stuff around me but I just don't have the creative juices flowing like I use too. It use to be November crop i could do 22 pages for the weekend and now I am lucky if i get 5 done. I have to get scrapbooking before my kids get too old and the pictures i take I forget the story behind them.

and on to the baby portion. It has happened. Samantha told me yesterday that she wants another girl in the house. Poor thing. Momma can't have no more babies and all she wants is a sister. I don't think dh would even think about going the adoption route for her and I don't think my sanity could take another child. I hope she finds some really good girlfriends in school. or maybe that we can someday move closer to 'home' and she can bond with her cousins.

though in a few years she will be older and we can do scrapbooking together.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Been a long time dear blog oh mine

I am in a creative slump. I did scrapbook back in November. Went to my crop and had a grand time. The man didn't call once while i was gone which was nice. Kids did good with grandparents. I think i got 10 pages done. but my creative juices weren't flowing. Now here i sit and my scrapbook room is a mess from me unpacking my totes but then not putting my stuff away. so i need to get this room in order. I have ATG adhesive on the floor from my darling little niece. It happened when the Men were on duty and us women were at the mall of america.

Winter is here and I am loosing touch with friends. Winter is a Social killer. I use to go to school park, walk over get Sam and chat with the mom's when i got back to wait for Camden. Now i go get Sam first cuz it is cold and then Hunter then Camden. So no chatting with the ladies. My text messages seems to have hit a slow spot too. Due to friends and family being busy and having other things going on it thier lives. but you can't help to question. "is it something I said" "something I did" and then when you do get that text you think "ah ha, they are alive and they do remember me" Winter is just a lonely time out in the Boonies. too cold to do anything but stay indoors. then Spring comes, the plants come out and then all the neighbors and friends come out and breath in the fresh air and you find out what happened while we were all in hibernation.

What am I doing this winter? I am reading Harry Potter for the first time. I am on Book 3 and my sister is also reading Potter but i think this is her second time. I am finding alot that i forgot when i watch the movies. Sometimes i think "did i even see the movies" but I know i did but i must not have been paying attention. What I am doing is reading the book then watching the movie. Except this current book i don't own the movie for so i am going to have to rent it

On the kid front. Hunter is now taking a low dose of concerta to help him in school ( I hope) cuz he is aweful at focusing and remembering certain things. I often would wonder if he slept through his schooling. I seem to see some improvement but we will see. Camden is Camden and still don't put the games away when he is done. schooling wise he is average. i still don't care for how they are doing the math this year. but what can ya do.

Today i washed my hair with some Bed Head Antidote and i have to say. i do like it. I think i may want to try level 3 as this was level 1.