Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Cycle

OK as most of you followers know I have been having issues with my cycle for YEARS. It started with uber heavy bleeding for 3 days. I thought an uterine ablation would be the answer and as far as bleeding went it did improve that but enter cramping. Serious mind blowing cramps that recently even pain killers wouldn't dull. So I made an appointment with my ob (a new one) and she said my options were partial hysterectomy or going on the pill. IUD option is out due to the scaring created by the ablation. So I decided to try the pill for a few months. WOW. My first cycle started with thick brown old blood for one day then my real period was about 3 days, mild cramps, the flow was so light also. I am not on cycle 2 on the pill. the cramping is a little more this time but still very very bearable. the flow is a little heavier but not bad.

Now on to the reason for my post. I was wondering if I should starting all the following cycles do continuous pills. meaning when my actual hormone pills end instead of continuing on with the placebo sugar pills. or should i just continue on with the next set of hormone pills in turn stopping my periods all together. or should i just let my periods come every month. the down side to the stopping period i heard is occasional spotting. If this was an option for you what would you do. You can respond to facebook comments or pm me on facebook. the reason for me posting on blogger is so that those interested in reading can and say the men on my blog can just not read.

thanks so much for your input