Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trying to redo my space

i decided after seeing a couple of OLF's scrapspaces, that mine is in need of a serious make over. so I am looking into possibly revamping my space. since it is winter here and who knows when or if it will warm up, time to think of doing something inside. SO!!!! I guess time to redo my scrap space, get rid of things NOT in use and put in the basement. then move the things i do use around in hopes to utilize it more. I have the plans drawn out, now just to put it in action. i do need to measure a few more things to make sure they will fit but i think it might work. tomorrow I will take pictures of my space before the vamp. then as i go on i will take more. So look for updates. who knows, it might work and it might not. but either way i will be getting things out of my space I am not using and be able to shampoo the rug in here that is in dire need of it. and get me some excercise moving stuff. (bookcases and more)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovely. SNOW

ok so it is ok and pretty and all but not when 1. i have to get my kids in it 2. i have places to go tomorrow and 3. I have to snow blow the driveway and the wind is whipping.

The snow started about 1pm. I was watching it fall thinking, huh should i get my kids early. I decided not to. Mistake. You see my kids get out at 2:5o. i leave the house at 2:25ish. I was thinking how much snow can fall 1.5 hours. Apparently ALOT. i left the house a few min early due to the snow. There was 4 inches on the ground. what was falling was being blown around and no one plowed the roads yet. After all it had only be snowing for 1.5 hours right. Near whiteout condtions. at the stop sign i could only see maybe 5-6 car lengths away. Drove 20mph the whole way to school and back. thankfully they let the kids out a little early so i didn't have to wait 2o min for them to get out. Camden got in right away and Hunter 5 min later. I got home and my second mistake was not going out right away to snow blow. i waited and then when i did go out, it got dark mighty fast AND the wind is blowing so much that what i did blow just got drifted over again. I did try though. at least i got the deep spots done but it will probably be drifted over but nothing i can do about that now. My husband took the SUV to work but he best be home in time for me to take the kids to school as Hunter can't be late. he has a field trip and I have to take the dog in to get spayed. i hope they plow the roads. thankfully where I am going didn't get much snow, so i may only have a little problem the first half hour or so. but it looks like the snow will stop as soon (only light now) and they will have ALL night to get the roads in order.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we go again

Dancer is now sick. i don't know exactly what is wrong with her but she is limping. I have a vet appointment at 3:30. i am hoping it is just arthyrtis (sp) and an easy fix of some anti inflamatories. i know it don't help with Bailey always wanting to play. then i went to chase after bailey cuz she peed on the floor and to toss her out on her butt which caused Dancer to get excited and wrenched something that was already sore. Anyway, I am looking at this with an open mind. And while i don't want to loose my Dancer, I don't want to go through what we did with Lady. Also it got me thinking that when she does eventually die on us, i don't want her ashes. i know my dh was attached to Lady and I am to Dancer but not so much that I want her on my mantle. I mean shoot. My cat went off to die and I didn't shed a tear. Some may think that heartless but i had him since 92. he was OLD. he spent the last 8 or so years by my mom. She told me he went off and didn't come back so he went off to die. Cats do that and while I am heart broken, it is just life. I would have liked him to go to sleep gently but i wasn't there and i told my mom to let me know and I will send her money to put him to sleep. But I don't think my dh can handle another death. so please pray it is something simple and easily fixed. I will update this post later. her appointment is at 3:30


she is ok, i got some meds to help her with her joints. a suppliment of sorts. then pain meds for her when she needs them. other than that she is healthy and has no signs of anything else. they said it could be lymes but i don't think so.

Monday, February 23, 2009

seasons of Wisconsin

Living in Wisconsin you get the full effect of all the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. When you have one season you long for the next and so forth. So when you are braving the bitter cold of winter after so many days you start looking forward to Summer and so on. But the thing about Wisconsin (or any other state in the area) is the Tease. The weather teases you and then draws back. Back around Feb 7th, we had 40 degree weather. But apparently someone thought it would be a funny joke and sent snow the other day. I right now just want it to warm up. I am sick of the white stuff, i had my fill and now i am done. I am sick of the below zero wind chills. I am sick of being cooped up cuz it is just so cold. I want to go back to excercising at the Centre. I want to be able to take a walk if i want. I am feeling like a fat cow and it is disgusting me. If it was just me then i would just go but i just am sick of bundling up my 3 year old and go out. It is so much work, got to put on the winter coat, only to find it fell on the floor and the cat peed on it. then grab the other coat and that one you need a hat with, then the boots, oh wait she don't want boots, she wants shoes, or she want her brown fashion boots. while I am longing for the day when i can say "put your shoes on" and she will go put on her crocs herself. just seems like alot of work to drive to excercise, so i stay home. And i know there will be a time when Summer is in it's grips and I will be saying "man why is it so it ever going to cool down." I think this is why there are 4 seasons, Spring and Fall are those transition seasons. of the seasons I think Spring is my favorite, the grass is growning and the birds come back. then comes Fall with the falling of the leaves. Anyway, right now I am in a winter funk. More snow looks like is expected on Thursday. You can't see it but I am so jumping for joy about that. oh and you may ask, why don't I move to a state that gets spring and fall like temps all year round or less summer and less winter. Truth be told. I LOVE WISCONSIN. I was born here and my family all live here. This is my state and I couldn't see us leaving. when my dh found a job in the Twin Cities. and we were looking at moving. i told him look at towns on the wisconsin side.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


They are done. now I just have to start working on the stuff due this summer but march swaps are done. i hope they ladies like them. So here they are. Some pictures were cut off but I will post direct links to those.

These first 5 are for the recipe swaps. I really love how the popcorn paper piecing came out and the stamped image on the cookie recipe. btw it is from close to my heart. oh and i love the cuttlekids monkey. i use him alot

These elephants are for the Zoo handmade surprise set. i saw him on ebay and printed out the picture and copied it. isn't he cute. sorry i don't know who i got it from. i should have wrote that down huh?

See whole picture HERE

This next set is for the Zoo photo mat or journaling box group. i of course chose photomat but I guess you could use it as journaling boxes too. I again saw this on a page that someone was selling on ebay. yep forgot to write the maker down. i did have to change it up as i couldn't find and giraff paper that wasn't HUGE. so we went with Zebra instead. See whole picture HERE

This set was again seen on ebay. it was on an already done page like the zoo one above. they had a pencil in place of the ABC but Michaels no longer sells the pencils or at least the one i was at didn't have them. i added a little binder paper. it isn't actual paper but punched to look like it. i found this could lined scrapbook paper at Hobby lobby. some i had to draw the red line on and then some i was able to use the red line already on the paper. Check the full picture HERE

Anyway, i hope you enjoy looking at my swap item. next post will be the layouts I have been working on. Yep, I actually got to scrap some this weekend.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I been tagged I guess

I been tagged by Amanda.

Here is what I am suppose to do

Here's the directions : you are to go to your pictures and pick the 6th folder and then the 6th picture in that folder. Post it and explain what it is all about.

my Sixth folder in my picture file is Family photos and the 6th picture is my niece as a baby.

I am sorry for being a slacker

i just haven't had time to scrapbook lately. the mood hasn't been in me. I will be working on some stuff this weekend. So hopefully when I get back I will have some things to share.

Life has been crazy. Health wise I am doing good with the PICA. i have some small slips but stuff I can handle. i can see paper and walk away when before it was taking over my life. Also i have some women buisness problems. Heavy Women Friend. I am going to be going in for a Uterine Ablation. I have already had an ultrasound and Biopsy. all came back ok but my ob thinks i have some polyps and while I was leaning toward an IUD to help the flow of the matter. she says it won't cure the polyps so it looks like ablation is the way to go. Good thing...I think there is a 41% chance that I will no longer have AF. and if I do have it it will be light. oh that would be HEAVEN. Right now I can leave the house for 2 days and go through 9 pads a day, can't even think about tampons. (sorry TMI)

The kids are good. we are getting ready for a trip to my home town. plan to do a little scrappin and see my sister. Mostly it is to bring her all this baby gear i have so that she is ready when my nephew arrives. I still can't believe she is having a boy. I asked my niece if she was excited and she said NO. I said why? she was "cuz boys are messy" LOL I told her well she is messy too so it won't be much difference.

Hunter got his report card back and he got all A's Camden also had alot of good marks. except one minus on the homework. He just won't do it. Well he does now cuz he knows if he don't he has to miss recess and do it with Mrs. Isaac. LOL
My hubby is loosing his second job. He works for Circuit City. So we are scrambling what to do. I am thinking I would like to go and try for Michaels or Archivers or something. working in something I know and love. I know i would buy a lot too but shoot, dh works in an electronic much more expensive things there and that he loves

I never posted on here but we got a new puppy. Her name is Bailey. I think she is a Meagle (Minature Pincher and beagle) she is defiantly not pure Beagle. She has these awefully long legs and her bark is not a beagle bark. She gets along with both Dancer and Skitty. they romp around and play alot. The below picture was when we got her. she is considerably bigger now. I also think she is part rabbit as she hops so much.

Well I think that is it for me. I seriously need some canned air as my daughter likes to eat crackers on my keyboard. CRUMBS

Home-Style Chicken Dinner

I was in the check out line at the store and saw this recipe book called Casserole Recipe cards by Betty Crocker. I was looking in the book and found that there seemed quite a few recipes I wouldn't mind trying. Tonite i did that. I am always making the Same ol' Same ol' chicken recipes. So tonite i did the home style chicken dinner. i must say it was delicious. though the chicken was a tad over cooked as i had put it in longer cuz the potatoes weren't done. I also didn't have the tomatoes (i wouldn't have cared for them anyway) or the sweet potatoes or the green bell pepper. And I added some onion and carrots to the mix instead. Oh and I didn't have the fryer chicken, i used boneless breast and thighs. so that could be also why they didn't finish at the same time. so next time I will put the potatoes in for 10min before the putting the chicken on. Also i think next time i will do a combo of melted butter and olive oil. but i must say it was DELICIOUS

so without further ado. here is the recipe (oh and can i say it was SUPER SIMPLE)

2 tsp dried basil
1 tsp seasoned salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
3-3.5 lbs cut up broiler fryer chicken (skin removed opt.)
6 small unpeeled red potatoes, cut into 4ths
2 med dark orange sweet potatoes cut into 1 inch pieces
1 med, green bell pepper
3 Roma tomatoes cut into forths

Heat oven to 400* spray 13x9 baking dish with cooking spray. in large bowel mix basil seasoned salt, garlic, pepper and oil. Brush about half of the mixture on chicken. Add remaining ingredients to bowl and toss to coat
Place vegetables in baking dish and place chicken on top. brush with any remaining oil mixture
Bake 45-50 min or until vegetables are tender and juice of chicken is no longer pink when cut. Serve with pan juices.