Monday, August 23, 2010

Cuttlebug storage

finally i found a way to store my cuttlebug embossing folders. I got the idea initially from CK but decided to use it for my folders. i bought a bunch of those pencil pouches from target. they run about 70c a piece. i got the clear. then i sewed down the middle for the thinner boarders i sewed the width of a ruler i had. not all the way across. stopping about 1 inch from the zipper spot. this creates two pockets for the folders or if you are doing thin then it is 5 pockets. i also removed the zipper from it cuz i really didn't need it. as soon as i get some better pictures i will post them. sad thing is i have too many to fit in the cute 3 ring binder i have. going to have to get a larger 2 inch binder

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


there is tension in the house. of course it is cuz of money. and the man takes it out on the person closest to him. ME. apparently i am a disappointment. cuz why, I am not skinny. Well buddy neither are you. but i don't let you know that everyday. do i sit and watch episode after episode of shows cuz there is a hot dude in there. Nope! Sure i admire the male form. but i keep it to myself. I don't ask you "why can't you look like him" nope. Also Marble isn't ugly. i tried to talk to you about my reason on having her. the things running through my head but you shot me down. How can i talk to you about things if that is the response i get? i know they payment is due for the dishwasher before the 0% is over. i understand there is alot on your plate. but Talk to me instead of scolding me as a child. i can't take this emotional moods and you taking it out on me. i am not a disappointment. I have one year till i can get a job. you can thank your lucky stars i am not a normal girl. who likes fancy cloths, shoes and jewlery.