Saturday, October 30, 2010


Our plans are to go to the inlaws. Well today MiL had said something to me that made me feel like i really don't want to go. I asked her if she wanted me to bring Marble. She adored her when I brought her down. But she had said "not if she pee's in the house" WTH. Yes our dogs still have 'accidents from time to time" but not like before. they are pretty much trained but Bailey still will poop upstairs if I leave the door open. i don't know why she does this. And when you take your dogs to someone's house there may be an accident. just something that happens, why becuz they are not familar with the need to go outside and which door to go to. when they are in their house, they know what is and isn't expected. in a strangers house it is all new. Well when we go down to the inlaws we are going to have to bring ALL the dogs. yes, THREE. so on top of taking care of the kids I am going to have to watch for signs they have to go out. and just all that fun stuff. going to have to watch Marble to make sure she don't chew on things (she is after all still a puppy) just alot of watching (on top of watching the kids) yes, dh will be there. but like everything it all falls on me. and Truthfully, i rather he take the kids down and I stay home. I grew up without thanksgiving, it won't hurt me to miss it. I love my dogs but i hate having to go away and worry about these things. see usually we don't go away together. it is usually just me going, so dh would be home to watch the dogs. Can't afford to board them. this is what sucks about being away from family, if we were just an hour or two away then we could just go down for the day and leave the pups at home.