Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My legs are absolutly killing me. they haven't had anytime to rest. Sunday i moved 3 couches, Monday i was on my feet all day cleaning. today (tuesday) i went with Camden to chaperone his class field trip. I have been on my feet from 8am to 3pm then with a few intervals of sitting down. OMG tomorrow i hope to just be able to sit and chill (as soon as i do a quick run through of the house, dishes, laundry, general pick up and maybe a swiffer of the floor) Then i hope to chill in my scrapbook room and accomplish something and watch a movie.

Camdens field trip was FUN. We went to a place called Gibb's Farm. you can learn more about it HERE I didn't know back in those days that families with alot of children, just borrow children from other families and they become their own. (like adoption) their beds were all so small. and it was neat explaining to the kids when we did the hands on thing what things are and what they are used for. We also saw and old school house. animals and a replica of a Sod house and how much room they had and lived in for 5 years before building the big house they had us tour. When we were in the Sod House the tour guide asked if we knew what the oil cloth around the inside kept out and i whispered in Camden's ear water and without me knowing he raised his hand and answered. He did it again but mumble the other answer about the basket. He told me as we were leaving that he wanted a sod house. (btw it was a log cabin built into the hill and called sod house cuz of the grass on the roof) they also dipped candles.

From there we went to the zoo. it was just a small zoo and i tried to tell the kids as much as i knew about the animals. and Camden loved it. he said he would like to go back and spend more time there (we only had 1.5hr most the time was at Gibbs) i told him we could as it was free and now that i knew where it was. maybe we will go back during butterfly time.

after school was Camden's teacher conference which as of right now he is doing well. his reading lexile number is good. considering that he really don't read much at home. but as far as behavoir he is doing great.

But me, i am ready for bed. i am beat.