Friday, October 22, 2010

Fighting the Clock

It seems day in and day out I am just watching the clock for the next thing i have to do. I wish I could just spend a day and not watch the clock. not worry about my time and what i need to do or should have done. My day usually consists of 6am wake up where I get 30 min of me time, i usually spend that watching part of a tv show if it is an hour long one or a 30min show. then i get the kids up. where i spend my morning getting them going, making lunches. then at 7:20 yelling at them to get dressed and shoes on cuz they ignored the first bell that tells them that. then out the door about 7:30-40 take them to school. then Sam and I will run to the Gym, where she will play and I will workout. from there it is either to the store if i need to get something or home. where I will spend sometime on the computer, or cleaning or something while she watch tv. then make her lunch at 11:30, and when she is done brush her hair and then the bell goes off at 12, shoes on and out the door. drop her off at school, after that i will either use that time to run some errands or go home where i will spend time again cleaning, computer or catching up on some shows. but that time goes by fast cuz before I know it, the alarm goes off and it is time to run to the school to pick up the kids and then home where if it is a day that husband works i am rushing to get something made for his dinner. If i hadn't already started it during my precious kid free 2 hour when sam was in school. Getting the kids doing their homework. then feeding them after dh leaves for work. Once i get in the door I am already watching the clock for bedtime. then when the go to bed You would think that i could have some time but that is when the husband wants time. You have to also factor in the laundry that gets done. the baths, the dishes, the yard work, garbage day, dogs, kids, and all the running around. i don't get me time much. except for the time i spend on the computer. but no time to watch my dvr shows. no time to watch netflix movies, Right now I am counting down the time (yep again watching but this time the calendar. for when my weekend scrapbook crop is coming cuz i can't wait till i get 3 glorious days of ME. no kids, no husband and No dogs. Just me and my sisters and a few online friends scrapbooking away


A Frazzled Mommy said...

My nephew says the Hamburgler steals my days. Perhaps he goes to your house either before or after he's been at mine???

I think people look at a stay-at-home mom and think we do nothing but stay at home. But people forget that we run a household...and everything in it. Nobody thinks about how the dishes get done, or the laundry, the vacuuming, etc. A magic house fairy does just not appear. I know when I'm on the computer I'm also in the kitchen sweeping and doing dishes, scrubbing the stove, etc., or in the laundry room, washing and folding clothes. There is no such thing as free time anymore.

Hey, if nobody has said this lately, *I* appreciate you.

Love you, my BFF.