Friday, October 1, 2010

Samantha's first week of school complete

I already see a change in her after one week. She loves going to school and practically runs to the door. start of day routine is going well. I still push her to the right order of things but i can do it from the door. Eventually i will wean off of that and maybe i will be able to just open the door and and watch her go in and do things she needs. though i think i may have to help come winter. right now we don't have boots and snow pants to worry about. Eventually i will let that go to. She will have to learn to do it on her own becuz in Kindergarten i won't be there to help her for recesses. Also she hasn't pooped in her pants in over a week. Again before bath she told me she had to poop. Sat on the toilet and went. so far it is only before bath (that is 2x a week) but that is better than pooping in her pants 1x a week. Potty chairs are gone (well one is still upstairs but that will be going out too) She uses big toilet and without those potty insert thing too. Next hurdle wiping her butt on her own ;) I told my dh when she was ready she would get it. she would stop. nagging, yelling, scolding and punishing don't help. She got it when she was ready and that is all you can do. Potty training goes smoother if you wait for the child to be ready then pushing it. less accidents and clean up. She was Pee trained in days. poop took longer but think if she went more often it would have been sooner.


A Frazzled Mommy said...

If she goes easiest before a bath, you might want to try a bath every other day. That just might get her into a routine poo schedule. After she's used to that you can change it if needed. And there are times I still need to wipe Tea. Some kids just don't wipe themselves good enough. Tea was the type of baby/toddler/child who didn't care if that area was messy. Still trying to teach her.