Saturday, October 30, 2010


Recently my parenting has been called into question by someone who really don't cross my mind but it bothers me that they think that I seem to be the white trash side of the family. I am not saying I am a perfect parent, as we all know we strive to be this but all of us at sometime fall short. I am going to say this, I do from time to time call my kids idiots, but I also call them very smart. it is a balance. There are times when the children aren't smart. Is idiot the right term to use. Probably not. Should i attempt to correct myself. Sure. But you know that there are times in a heat of the moment you just let things slip, cuz you are upset or what have you. There are times when i have lost my temper but despite how I can be, my kids will still come up to me and say i love you. i will tout more kiss on them and affection then the bad. They love me and they know i love them, despite them being idiots from time to time. I am a free thinker and that if you use a swear word in the correct context i will say to them, "that is correct that is shit but could you use blah instead" Swear words in our house are very rarely said from me, my kids have pointed this out. but i am not one to put a bad on the words. becuz if you do that will make them more fun to say. we use alot of replacement words for bad words but i have come to find that don't fly in school either when my son said Fricken in school. My son's also would NEVER flip a person off. when i talked to H about this, he gave me a definate "NO" as if to ask me, "why would you ever aske me such a stupid question" Good boy. but this said person aboves child does flip people off and my thinking is "did the kid deserve" cuz you know while they really shouldn't do that, sometimes it is needed. but like anything if you do it too much you loose the power of it. So if you go around flipping people off it looses it's oomph. and school isn't the place but maybe if you taught your child they are only words and words don't hurt he wouldn't have had the need to flip a child off over something said. yes they hurt your feelings but if you know you aren't that word then it shouldn't matter what they think. They are only being Idiots.

I am not perfect but I am teaching my children and my children are very bright. despite being raised 75% by me. My son just recently came up to me and asked me how to spell things and usually if i can, i will help him sound it out. this word he asked was PIT. i asked him. how do you spell IT and he said "I - T" I said ok then how do you spell PIT. and he learned to spell it himself. some days i will use it as spelling day and then just spell things as i talk. teaches them spelling and i have to say, while they are crappy and penmanship, they rock at spelling, reading and others. So no my kids aren't Idiots....but there are times that they are and yes I am going to call them on it. cuz if you keep raising them up, they are going to think they are perfect and without fault when we all know, we all have faults, We aren't perfect. We do the best we can. and if certain people don't agree with it, stop worrying about me cuz there obviously is something going on in your family you need to work on.


A Frazzled Mommy said...

Hey, shut your blow hole!

Quit worrying about it. If they swear in context, good for them. I find nothing wrong in swearing, but I'm also quick to point out to the kids that the reason people swear is because they don't have enough brains to think of more creative words. They now will say to me after slipping a swear word, "Sorry, Mom, I couldn't think, I was so angry."

People are downright SHOCKED I let my kids listen to Eminem. Who cares? It's given us wonderful conversations on what is appropriate behavior and what's acceptable for treating women, and people, for everyday life.

Everything in life can be a jumping off point for intellectual conversation or learning. Kids don't even realize it. Even if you call them a name in front of them and they call you on it, turn it into a, "Now, why shouldn't Mom have called you that? How can we hurt each other by calling names?" Jumping off point.