Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things I did today

taking a page from my Bff's blog. she got it from another friends blog.

1. Got to take a relaxing bath this A.M before the kids got up.

2. Got to actually watch a few shows on my DVR. Still so many to go. I did decide to toss two new shows that i just don't think i will ever get to watch. probably will get cancelled. if they don't and i hear buzz i will watch online or wait for the dvd

3. Went with my bff to shopko to get my new couch

4. Had lunch with said freind. would have been nice to have a sit down instead of fast food but beggers can't be choosers. it was still nice.

5. took out the old couch, moved the burgandy one to the front room, new couch to the living room, old couch to the porch for Sat to take to the recycling center

6. Front room carpet shampooed,

7. Kids fed and happy

8. (ok these next few will come in an hour but i don't want to leave this hanging) Kid bathed

9. Laundry done, kids cloths hung up while they are in the bath

10. Stories and tucking in


A Frazzled Mommy said...

rock on, girl! blogging is good for the soul!