Monday, October 4, 2010

How many kids do I have again

Sometimes it feels like i have 4 and not 3. Sometimes i feel like I am treated like a child when I am not.

Yesterday I woke up and took a long bath. went about my day and i knew that this would happen. When i get upstairs beat from moving 3 couches around alone, through doorways where a second person would come in hand. I wanted to lay down and cuddle with the man and watch tv. Right away i get upstairs and he says to me what he always says "go take a bath" WTF for, i took one in the am. But for some reason if he wants to have "relations" he wants me to bathe prior. But yet for him a quick wipe down is ok. or he can take a bath once a day and be ok. i don't tell him go take a bath. Yesterday I told him NO, i took one that morning. and so then he got huffy and pouting like a child. i went to lay on his shoulder and he said I am crowding him, making him hot blah blah. but you know damn well if i had taken a bath it would have been "come here lay next to me" Seriously i am so sick of being told to take a bath. it has been this way for a long time. Even my MiL sees it and lectures him on stop telling me to take a bath when i am a big girl. yesterday i was just tired, i just want to lay with him and watch tv. but instead I did lay on his chest but he didn't want me there and we watched tv which i fell asleep during but he pouted the whole time and then when the show was done told me to go to sleep. so i cried myself to sleep cuz i felt defeated cuz he was such a friggin baby cuz i didn't take a bath and I know I wasn't in the wrong but it felt like it. and now he is grumpy. but i am kinda wishing I would have took the bath cuz i am so tender from all the moving i did yesterday