Sunday, October 3, 2010


oh how i am learning to despise these two words. I hear them everyday. "I want Ice cream" "i want a snack" "i want McDonald's" "I want to watch something else" "i want Hunter to play with me" "I want my DS" "I want ____ for supper"

so here are some of my I WANTS

* I want to stop being treated like a short order cook. I don't want to clean out the oil cuz you want tostadas for dinner. I am serving such and such for dinner. i don't want you to turn your nose up at it and say "eww i don't like that, i want something else" i cooked for you to eat this. how can you say you don't like it if you never try it.

* I want to stop having to constantly pick up after you. You do not live in a barn. You can not expect me to always walk behind you picking things up. This is written toward both large adult child and my small birth children. You do not have to leave your cloths where ever you took them off. We have a laundry sorter down stairs and a laundry shoot upstairs USE THEM

* I want to stop having to always pick up the dog crap. Exspecially if you are standing right next to it. why do i have to walk up the stairs to pick it up when you are fully capible to do it.

* I want to stop being treated as if cuz i don't work i have all the time in the world to do everything. I am not only doing the job of a mom but half the job of the dad. the repairs, the lawn care, the garbage, I am doing those too.

* I want to be able to sit down and watch my tv shows without worrying about "if i do this will it come and bite me in the house work" or hearing from a small child how "i want to watch something else" one can only take so much pbs, pokemon and scooby doo. i don't even get the luxury of watching phinus and ferb and more cuz stupid dish and their stupid dispute with disney.

* I want to be able to take a bath in the am and not have to repeat before bed just becuz the man says so. Why do i have to take 2 baths and you only have to take one.

*I want to stop hearing the words. "i don't need to" Well obviously if you want X then yes you NEED to do Y exspecially if i said so. it isn't too hard to clean your room every day if you do it every day but yeah if you wait 2 weeks it will become overwhelming.

* I WANT more me time. i haven't scrapped in a long time. i don't have the time. i think i would more if i had my DVR hooked up so that i can watch tv in here too. cuz then i could catch up on my shows and scrapbook. but i am trying to get the house in order so that eventually i can use the 2.50 hours that Sam is in school to scrapbook.
I am sure there are more I WANTS but i really dont' want to think about it anymore