Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wrinkle in the plan

now i remembered why i didn't put my tv on the microwave shelf. the tv is too big. crap and i was really digging the new plan for the room cuz that would put the tv right up in front of my desk and I could watch. I could remove the bottom shelf but then i would be loosing a shelf huh. or i could put the tv stand over there and move the microwave stand some where else.

this is the planned floor plan. the room is 11ft 1 almost square. we have that chunk out of the one corner for the door. also there is a large window in the front and it is hard to put anything in front of it as it is maybe 2 feet off the floor. The computer corner has to stay there cuz the window glare don't hit it there and I really don't want curtins on the window.
i guess i could put the white plastic etege shelves in the corner where the microwave thing will go and figure something else for the microwave thing. or i could get a smaller tv which we can't afford. i will ask dh when he gets up if they have small tv's still at Circuit City.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated