Sunday, March 1, 2009

Before the redo

it was requested that I post pictures of the before shots of my room. now please excuse the cluttered mess. like i mentioned before, my room has become a catch all of sorts. when in doubt throw it in there. there is alot that will be taken out. like the boxes under my table. the boxes on top of the microwave shelving unit. the boxes above the computer desk. the computer desk will stay where it is but I may or may not redo the place where the printer sits.
This is the computer wall. I am really not on it much as it is slow cuz i need to delete a bunch of crap off it. maybe i will get dh to fix it up once he is done at circuit city.

This is the plastic etegere (for those who aren't familar with the word it means An étagère is a piece of light furniture very similar to the English what-not) Basically it is a 5 shelf plastic shelf that I can put together.
this is the microwave cabinet. and the corner of my table and the menards totes. the bin on the floor is full of legos, put in this room to hide it from the kids. they can't seem to keep them picked up. Yes it is FULL of legos. so imagine that spread on your floor

Here is my table. if you look below on the floor plan you will see where i have the bookcase. well on that bookcase i plan to put those metal cubes you see holding my paper and stamp boxes. and various other things from this area on my table. The long shelf with the tackle boxes will stay on my table but will be against the wall on the end of the table (you can see next to the book case) almost everything under my desk will go in storage in the basement or hall closet)
This wall you see the bookcase i mentioned before. as you see it is mostly empty so i will want to take advantage of the shelves. My cricut, P3, TV and such. i am thinking this wall may look the same except that the P3 may move and then the plastic drawer will be replaced by the shelves that are currently on my table now. so that the two sides will be similar in size without having to use my son's building blocks to hold the shelf even. Again sorry for the mess but this is why I am doing a whole over haul of my room