Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My child...UGG

well i guess I am going to have to make an appointment to have Camden see his Shrink again. i kinda let it slide as we were having success with the sleeping but... My dh wants me to get him in again becuz he does things and i don't know why. like playing in the dirty kitty litter with poop in the toilet. i have told him DON"T do this. over and over and yet there will be a lull and then he will do it. I remember back one christmas he hit his head really hard on a table and dh thinks something might have happen and he wants me to get his brain checked too. So now I have to make an appointment for him and that means me driving around taking them to these. If there was a shrink at the Somerset clinic it wouldn't be so bad but there isn't. so that is going to be about 2 hours out of my day dragging him in. 30 min there, 1 hr waiting and what have you, and 30 min back.