Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has begun...

i started on the room. first step was the table. I went through the boxes underneath the table. have two boxes to go down. one more started to go down. the whole table is cleared off with everything moved to the front room. I came to realize that the shoe shelf (long one) won't fit along the short end of the table like i envisioned. so i think I am going to have to use two of the smaller 12 inche shelves that i have. Funny thing is when i pulled the long shelf down and put it in the living room my son decided to play with it. he put it down and proclaimed this is my rummage sale. HA HA. think we go garage saling a bit too much hey. tomorrow i need to clean my house and then i will do a little bit more in here. i may miss the first few day of the VC but i can catch up. i think once i get everything out. it won't be too bad getting everything back in.

i will post pictures later. i have to wait till after the 6th when my txt messaging resets. i think i am at my limit right now. if anyone knows how to set up my photobucket so that it don't send me a txt everytime i send a picture to tell me my picture went through that would be GREAT. it wastes txt messages for useless things like that