Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well the room is almost done

the first hard part is done. that is moving the furniture around. i got everything moved some things are in a temporary spot but over all I am LOVING the new layout. this is going to be a quick post as my battery is dying on the laptop.

second big task. putting everything in it's place. i was going to do some tonite but I am starting not to feel well. could it be from dropping the air compressor on my head. it didn't hit hard but i think my brain is making up pains from it. also i have a headache. had one all day. so the compressor hitting my head didn't help. actually it hit the back of my neck area. Anyway, i think i just need to lay down and relax. i got my paper put away and now it is just going through some things and putting them in their place. then I will take a picture of it. thinking maybe i will just move everything in there and go through it box by box. i did find that I won't be able to put my two meanards totes together but oh well. i will put the most used one next to me. well i better go before i loose power. nite


PamInColorado said...

OMG...Does this all look I have a drawing too. 1" = 1' and measured the furniture and cut it out so I could move it around on the drawing to see if it will Good luck with the clean out. We totally emptied my craft room and just finished painting it Saturday. If you want to see my mess check out my blog at I think we must be long lost Hugs, Pam

~Christina~ said...

It's going to be soooo worth it once it's all done :) Can't wait to see pics :)