Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why fear the MiniVan?

I don't understand why there is such a fear of driving a mini van? Families who get larger have few choices when it comes to transportation. but when you ask some ladies they say "oh no we are going to have to get a van?" "oh i am pregnant but I don't want to think about having to get a van?" is there something wrong with a van. When we got pg with Camden we were driving cars. Yes, we were going from 3 to 4 in family size and it would have been ok to have a car and seat us just fine but we went with a van. Why? cuz we had 2 dogs also. When we went to pick out the van i was skeptical. i didn't drive it. it was so big. i was scared. the guy said "here borrow it for the night, let me know what you think?" so that weekend we had to take my husbands car back as the lease was up which meant....I HAD TO DRIVE THE VAN..... I was frightened. it wasn't a small trip. it was 45 min to Madison from Beloit. on the freeway. not something i wanted to do. but i had no choice. So off we went and you know what. it was a smooth nice ride. i had no problems. i loved seeing above everyone. it wasn't too bad. So that weekend we became owners of a mini van and i LOVED IT. i love the power doors, i loved the power lift gate. i loved it. now mind you this was back in 2001 when entertainment packages weren't the norm. and no fold and go seats or seats that turn backward and options for tables. We have since traded the Van in for an SUV. i miss my van. i wish i could have got another but the 2008 chrysler town and countrys were UGLY. i hated that boxy look to them. i miss my electronic doors and while the SUV still seats 7, it seems more tight inside. not as open and airy like the van was. it also seems like it has less cargo space inside. i don't know why but they are the same size on the outside just the inside is smaller. But we are stuck for awhile. unless in a couple years we trade in the wagon for a van. i am just going to have to deal with it.

for all you ladies who are freaking about the future and driving a van. They aren't something to fear. when you have a large family they are neccessary.


~Christina~ said...

When the economy started going into the crapper and the price of gas was a steady $4 a gallon my hubby made me trade in my minivan for a new 4 door sedan. I love my Optima and it's roomy enough with only 2 kids, but it sure doesn't beat the convenient extras you get with those minivans!!! I soooo wish I still had it :)