Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's done

It is done... the pictures don't really do it justice but it is much more open than it was before. i even have some wall space to put up a couple wooden shelves. It also needs some tweeking with putting things away and getting rid of things. below is a few from the door.

this picture is of the computer wall. those boxes above the computer still need to be sifted through and what ever don't belong either tossed or moved down in the basement. also around the printer needs to be cleaned out. i kinda just put stuf there temporarily.

this picture shows my chair and you can see the wooden shelf crooked. it will be straight I hope to put jars of flowers on it. i have been saving odd glass jars from spagetti sauces and pickles. there is also a few things I need to straighten. i would like to pack up anything not needed in the big drawers of the plastic drawer thing. and I want to cover the front with deco paper

this is the new spot for the tv. i love how i can scrap and look up and see the tv. before it was on the side of me. i would like to put another wooden shelf up above the tv to hold dvd's i watch most often and VHS tapes. first is to reclaim a VCR from somewhere in the house.
this is the view from me sitting at my desk now. i do have to figure out where to put my sunlight lamp and i need a clamp to clamp it to the table. I also have a shoe box that i plan on covering with paper and using for a scrap paper holder. Anyway, that is it. just a little more cleaning up and tweaking things and I am good to go. now don't ask about the rest of the house.


~Christina~ said...

Yay!!!! It looks really great :)