Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trying to redo my space

i decided after seeing a couple of OLF's scrapspaces, that mine is in need of a serious make over. so I am looking into possibly revamping my space. since it is winter here and who knows when or if it will warm up, time to think of doing something inside. SO!!!! I guess time to redo my scrap space, get rid of things NOT in use and put in the basement. then move the things i do use around in hopes to utilize it more. I have the plans drawn out, now just to put it in action. i do need to measure a few more things to make sure they will fit but i think it might work. tomorrow I will take pictures of my space before the vamp. then as i go on i will take more. So look for updates. who knows, it might work and it might not. but either way i will be getting things out of my space I am not using and be able to shampoo the rug in here that is in dire need of it. and get me some excercise moving stuff. (bookcases and more)