Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovely. SNOW

ok so it is ok and pretty and all but not when 1. i have to get my kids in it 2. i have places to go tomorrow and 3. I have to snow blow the driveway and the wind is whipping.

The snow started about 1pm. I was watching it fall thinking, huh should i get my kids early. I decided not to. Mistake. You see my kids get out at 2:5o. i leave the house at 2:25ish. I was thinking how much snow can fall 1.5 hours. Apparently ALOT. i left the house a few min early due to the snow. There was 4 inches on the ground. what was falling was being blown around and no one plowed the roads yet. After all it had only be snowing for 1.5 hours right. Near whiteout condtions. at the stop sign i could only see maybe 5-6 car lengths away. Drove 20mph the whole way to school and back. thankfully they let the kids out a little early so i didn't have to wait 2o min for them to get out. Camden got in right away and Hunter 5 min later. I got home and my second mistake was not going out right away to snow blow. i waited and then when i did go out, it got dark mighty fast AND the wind is blowing so much that what i did blow just got drifted over again. I did try though. at least i got the deep spots done but it will probably be drifted over but nothing i can do about that now. My husband took the SUV to work but he best be home in time for me to take the kids to school as Hunter can't be late. he has a field trip and I have to take the dog in to get spayed. i hope they plow the roads. thankfully where I am going didn't get much snow, so i may only have a little problem the first half hour or so. but it looks like the snow will stop as soon (only light now) and they will have ALL night to get the roads in order.