Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am sorry for being a slacker

i just haven't had time to scrapbook lately. the mood hasn't been in me. I will be working on some stuff this weekend. So hopefully when I get back I will have some things to share.

Life has been crazy. Health wise I am doing good with the PICA. i have some small slips but stuff I can handle. i can see paper and walk away when before it was taking over my life. Also i have some women buisness problems. Heavy Women Friend. I am going to be going in for a Uterine Ablation. I have already had an ultrasound and Biopsy. all came back ok but my ob thinks i have some polyps and while I was leaning toward an IUD to help the flow of the matter. she says it won't cure the polyps so it looks like ablation is the way to go. Good thing...I think there is a 41% chance that I will no longer have AF. and if I do have it it will be light. oh that would be HEAVEN. Right now I can leave the house for 2 days and go through 9 pads a day, can't even think about tampons. (sorry TMI)

The kids are good. we are getting ready for a trip to my home town. plan to do a little scrappin and see my sister. Mostly it is to bring her all this baby gear i have so that she is ready when my nephew arrives. I still can't believe she is having a boy. I asked my niece if she was excited and she said NO. I said why? she was "cuz boys are messy" LOL I told her well she is messy too so it won't be much difference.

Hunter got his report card back and he got all A's Camden also had alot of good marks. except one minus on the homework. He just won't do it. Well he does now cuz he knows if he don't he has to miss recess and do it with Mrs. Isaac. LOL
My hubby is loosing his second job. He works for Circuit City. So we are scrambling what to do. I am thinking I would like to go and try for Michaels or Archivers or something. working in something I know and love. I know i would buy a lot too but shoot, dh works in an electronic much more expensive things there and that he loves

I never posted on here but we got a new puppy. Her name is Bailey. I think she is a Meagle (Minature Pincher and beagle) she is defiantly not pure Beagle. She has these awefully long legs and her bark is not a beagle bark. She gets along with both Dancer and Skitty. they romp around and play alot. The below picture was when we got her. she is considerably bigger now. I also think she is part rabbit as she hops so much.

Well I think that is it for me. I seriously need some canned air as my daughter likes to eat crackers on my keyboard. CRUMBS